Da Hae travels to China – April 30th


Hi there! Finally I have some time to update. We have good news on Da Hae’s side. ^^ She went twice to China in April, one time for cosmetic brand ANYA, that she sponsors, and yesterday the 30th for other business. It was revealed that she accepted another Chinese Drama, and it could be related to that. This makes very happy, and Chinese press looks happy about Da Hae’s love and care for their country. They are appreciating her talent, and I renew my enjoyment for a final airing date for “Best Couple” (or Best Marriage or how they ended up deciding to call the drama hehe), because it will air on May 31th! The future drama will be title “My Goddess, My Mother”, alongside Chinese actress Jin Xing (金星). The translation of the article from Chinese is very sketchy, but I figured it’s another marriage plot where contradictions and misunderstandings will put themselves in the way of Da Hae’s character, who I got will be portrayed as South Korean and won’t be easily accepted by the future mother in law who believes strongly in tradition and would want her son to marry a Chinese woman. I hope we will get more news in the future. For now, we just know that it will probably air in early 2017.
SOURCES: newsen.com, ent.sina.com.cn

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Da Hae on Running Man

Annyeong ^^
As I wrote you before, Da Hae appeared on Running Man with Jung Il Woo and the cast. They went to Dubai, and did some things together like skydiving. They also went in the desert and visited the city. The filming was very tight, but it seems Da hae really enjoyed herself, especially during the skydiving session! She smiled and high-fived the cameraman. XD I can’t wait to see the program with subtitles, for the moment enjoy a few videos and pictures from the set. ❤

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Lee Dong Wook will appear on “Snow Miracle”


Hi guys, it seems that Wookie will also make an appearance on a show these days! The show is a Chinese variety called ‘Snow Miracle’, and it airs on Tianjin Television. Wookie will appear with Jo Se Ho, that we all know from ‘Roommate’. They are currently filming on location on the snow, to compete in ski sports and show how they ski. Very much like they once did on RM last winter. No idea when this program will air, but in March most likely. On this page of soompi’s Donghae thread you can see some filming photos.

source: allkpop, osen

Da Hae attends Gentle Monster Show


Today Februray 25th, Da Hae and several celebrities attende the Gentle Monster Show in Mullae-dong, Yeongdeungpo. The show presented various items of the new collection. Their sunglasses are to die for. ❤ Da Hae’s model is awesome, but why does she look too serious? Perhaps she is tired because she just returned from Dubai to film “Running Man”. Rest well, Da Hae-shi. ❤
source: BNT, newsen

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Da Hae will appear on Running Man!

Today at 8pm Da Hae was spotted at Incheon Airport with the cast of Running Man. They are departing for Dubai, where they will film the episode where Da Hae and Jung Il Woo will appear. No idea when it will air, but yay!
I don’t like how her fringe looks, but it is better to get these pictures than nothing. Da Hae has updated her SNS more lately, but until her drama will air, we won’t get to see much of her. Hopefully, her appearance on Running Man will create a good buzz around her and let more people know her awesomeness. ❤

Latest Da Hae SNS updates


Hi all! The last few weeks have been busy for our Da Hae. She updated her SNS accounts and showed us she went on vacation in the Philippines and Japan. She went to swim with her best friend Apple and she was spotted eating paella at a restaurant. She also showed us her dog Cherry and wished us all Happy New Year.^^ I am eagerly waiting for her drama, and for even more news. ❤

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Drama Review: Bubblegum

Bubblegum Review for those who haven’t watched it yet ^^

purplebass world - reviews

mug_obj_144463530954942611Good evening, everyone!
I hope that most of you are already on holiday so you can do what you enjoy the most. Before the new year ends, I need to finish a couple of dramas and write reviews. Today I will talk about “Bubblegum”, which aired on tVn until last week. This drama is sort of romantic comedy that sometimes reaches melodramatic tones, with Lee Dong Wook starring as an Eastern Medicine Doctor called Park Ri Hwan, and Jung Ryeo Won as his longtime friend and PD of a radio station Kim Haeng Ah. The two have known each other since forever, and they had many adventures together. They are at a point in their lives that is crucial: they are at an age where they should marry, and after some coincidences that make them think about whether or not they can be together as lovers, they try to test…

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Da Hae for Star1 Magazine


So long since Da Hae’s last pictorial, and finally it arrived a new one! She is posing for the popular mag “Star1”, and looks like besides for her porcelain appearance, the attraction is the lipstick gloss by HERA, which is one of the top Korean cosmetic brands. Star1 also did an interview with her, but sadly it is translated from Google so it may not be 100% accurate. Too bad I don’t know anybody who is able to translate Korean… T__T
It is a pleasure to see her doing pictorials again. I wonder if she is going to be a sponsor for this brand, or it’s just for the photoshoot. She also endorses “Passional Lover” in China, and perhaps the two things may be too controversial if she endorsed them together… I don’t know.  Her new drama, “Best Lovers”, is set to air soon. Can’t wait! ❤ Enjoy more pictures and an interview under the cut.

Source: star1 official website

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Wookie posing for “Men’s Uno”


Hello everybody!! Hope you had a pleasant Christmas and you will spend New Year’s Eve good as well. I didn’t disappear, I just had stuff to do and couldn’t concentrate on the blog, that is all. I haven’t forgotten any of you and nor did I forgot Wookie and Da Hae. Last week I finished “Bubblegum” and I think I should post my review here as well, besides than on my personal blog. Today Wookie’s official Facebook posted a new photoshoot that a Chinese magazine published mostly in Hong Hong, Taiwan, Malesya, that is Men’s Uno, did with him for the January 2016 issue. It is titled Dark Fairytale, and Wookie looks like a guy with a bad past on the pics, eheh. A bad guy but also good with “provocative” and “arousing” eyes. Dark blue is the color that suits him the most when he wears a suit. Check under the cut for more pictures and a behind the scenes video. 🙂

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Bubblegum Kdrama Episodes 1-4


Hello everyone!!!
It’s Friday so I assume many of you are happy because it’s the weekend… I also can dedicate time to my hobbies, and this is why I finally started Wookie’s on air drama “Bubblegum”, that you can find legally on dramafever.com.
It took me so long to finally watch it because I wanted a few episodes to air already. They are at episode 8, and next Monday and Tuesday new episodes are gonna be aired. When it started, a few weeks ago, I looked online for people’s comments about this and found that some thought it was similar to Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook’s drama “The time we weren’t in love”, which aired this summer on SBS. However, after I checked myself, I can say that is nothing like that despite the themes are really similar. It is hard to find original thematic nowadays, perhaps we should just select things to watch so that we won’t be annoyed when what they treat looks unoriginal.
In this post I won’t try to spoil too much but know that I will say things about the drama. If you want to watch it when it ends, you better avoid this. 😉

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