New “Iron Man” Teaser

Yesterday we have got a short clip, today we’ve got a longer one but you can see Wookie just at the beginning. I really assume that he is a hot headed man and maybe even arrogant, from the short seconds he appears on screen. This trailer focused more of his co-star’s character, who looks like a Bella Swan from the clip. In the video, she looks at Wookie’s character and seems amused and challenged because of his character’s attitude. It was definitely better than the first short clip…. will see how the chemistry between Wookie and SSK will go. They look like brother and sister to me.


Wookie and his sister on “Roommate” Episode 18

Wookie’s sister appeared on Roommate Episode 18. If I am not wrong, this episode was filmed the day after Hotel King wrap up party; I remember seeing a behind the scenes picture. In the clip, Wookie’s sister talks about his exes, one in particular, that we gathered should be his last girlfriend with whom he broke up last year. It’s still unclear whether his sis said that the ex is a singer or not, or that she wasn’t a singer when they dated – we will have to wait subs about this if you care. For all I think, this could be scripted and to mislead the true identity of Wookie’s ex. It’s the past, so we shouldn’t linger too long in it considering the smiles he was giving his sister in his clip. He doesn’t seem bitter about this relationship at all. Another hint that amused me: Se ho asked about past relationships. Why didn’t he ask about the present? HK had ended the day before, why didn’t he wonder about Wookie and Da Hae? This is weird, but also not strange since if DongHae are dating and they want to protect their privacy, asking a direct question to Wookie’s sis who surely knows the truth, is not something that would help them hide it. I rather think that ask about the past with no real mention of his current status, is a way to deviate the topics of the conversation. The fact that DongHae were not seen together after the wrap party can also make some believe that there is nothing between them after their drama ended, but… shippers know better. In this video, Wookie’s sister also mentioned that her brother used to drink milk from the bottle until he was in middle school (this has got to be confirmed – the period of time). Awww, so cute. ❤ They also showed pictures of her wedding day. Uri Wookie paid for her entire wedding and also invited a famous Korean singer to entertain the guests. He got very emotional about it, it looked like he was frustrated somehow, or relieved that he could finally fix the problems his family had in the past. His sister must be very grateful to him, and she must support her brother and what he does. Nowadays is very rare to find a man like Lee Dong Wook. The woman who will marry him will be very lucky and their future children too.

“Iron Man” Teaser

Here’s a very short clip of Wookie’s upcoming drama “Iron Man”… Yeee, it’s finally here! It’s not that long, but it’s something. The confusing part of the synopsis – the blades coming out of his body – is finally more clear. Hope they won’t blur the blades on this drama, or it would be awkward, but I guess they won’t do that since knives are only blurred when they are used as a weapon on TV (weird law, smh). By the way, considering it’s just a short clip, it doesn’t look bad. The special effects are also nice. But I wonder: will Wookie’s character Hong Bin really be able to climb buildings like a real superhero? My guess is yes. I love the face he makes when he sees his reflection in the glass, very tortured hero.

Lee Da Hae new pics for InStyle Weddings

Two new pictures from LDH’s last pictorial were released. The one with the wedding dress is really beautiful, I like this gown more than the other one she’s worn! I imagine her real wedding dress like this, but a bare shoulders model. Can’t wait for this magazine to be out because we will read the interview she did for it.

Click on the pics for the HQ.


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Lee Dong Wook filming “Iron Man”

Wookie is back in South Korea to continue filming for his upcoming drama “Iron Man”. According to sources, he left Hawaii on Thursday. I didn’t mention this on my blog because I didn’t have the time, but for those of you who don’t know, last Sunday he had a few days’ trip to US for a Cartier photoshoot. I will briefly mention that Da Hae was also in the US and she’s likely to still be there — this conversation deserves another post. Hehe. Anyway, Wookie has been busy filming the drama once he got back, since it will air on September 10th (so close!) and at least the first two episodes need to be ready to be aired. Judging from the look on his face, his character looks like a selfish, angry, jerk – I like, I like! I have a soft spot for these kind of characters, because they are very broken and layered and it’s more interesting to discover their issues and how they fix them. That shirt is interesting… I hope he will wear more “patterned” clothes. I also  hope people will tune in for this drama to show support.

credit: dongwookholic @ instagram

Lee Dong Wook wrapped in nothing but a towel on “Iron Man” Stills

Yeah, yeah. You heard right. In the newest released stills from Wookie’s upcoming drama “Iron Man”, he is not just shirtless, he is also wearing just a towel. The character he plays, Joo Hong Bin, looks like a fighter. In the stills I posted the other day he was on the ring and seemingly angry at someone. In these new pics he looks like he has had a fighting session in the gym and he’s just gone out of the shower. I DON’T COMPLAIN, TBH. lol. My only perk is that he should gain more weight. During the first episodes of Hotel King his face was more chubby and the first time he appeared half naked on the drama, his abs were more defined. I am not saying he should become like before, but he should just gain a bit of meat. We will see how it will go with this drama, since I expect to see a nice amount of shirtless scenes from him.

Click on the pics for the HQ version.

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Cherry twitter update + whereabouts


Cherry has finally updated her twitter again. This is the first time she posts again after the Hotel King finale exactly one month ago (July, 27th). Last time she graced us with those beautiful selcas of her and her man Wookie, this time she showed us more shoots from the pictorial she has just done in Palm Springs for InStyle Weddings. I hope the magazine/agencies will release more pictures from this photoshoot, because it really looks well done and awesome – I especially love the clothes she’s wearing and her styling in general. We have no idea where Da Hae is right now, but she’s probably not back in SK yet considering there have been no sightings of her at the airport yet. She’s probably coming back in September, which is in a few days, to shoot more CFs or new pictorials. I wish anyway that we will get new stuff from her trip to USA, because you probably don’t know since you don’t know me well, but gah, I love photos and especially photoshoots. So DH, please don’t abandon us just yet!

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Lee Dong Wook “Iron Man” Stills

Wookie’s new drama “Iron Man” will air soon on KBS. Script reading was done one week ago, and I assume the first two episodes have been filmed already. Stills from the drama have been released and can I comment, his hair look wonderful. When he played Jae Wan his hair were also good, but they were too “static” – let me use this term. These soft curls give personality to his character, which, as of today, I am confused about. I mean, not exactly confused. His character is a hot tempred man with a dark past and wounds, and he has ‘superpowers’ or something, but the way these powers come out is a little messed up. According to a synopsis:

“Iron Man” is a fantasy melodrama about a cold and hurt man with supernatural powers, played by Lee Dong Wook, and a caring woman who tries to heal him, portrayed by Shin Se Kyung.

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Our adorable Lee Da Hae for InStyle Weddings

OMO, MISS LEE! This pictorial is so gorgeous. InStyle is know for their stylish-classy photoshoots, and this is awesome no less. I would like to find the IDs of what she is wearing, but I am afraid it may take a few hours.

I believe that if Da hae ties the knot in the future, her wedding dress would much look like the one she’s wearing in this photoshoot… a timeless gown with lace top that shows her curvy body. I would add a swarowsky headband in her hair too. 😉

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Lee Dong Wook dances on “RM” Episode 17

On episode 17 of Roommate, uri Wookie dances to Orange Caramel song “My Copycat”. How adorable is he? He looks so happy. My suggestion is that his life is going well and he is giddy because boy is in love. When you are in love, you can’t help but show it. This is a reality show, a scripted reality show. But you can’t fake all of the emotions you feel because you are supposed to act as yourself… you know? Besides adorable Wookie, though, I am not a fan of this reality. It tries so hard and it hasn’t interesting storylines to keep the viewers to watch the show. I have no idea what its fate will be. They said it’s gonna be 50 episodes long but they may be cut. Wookie could show more of himself on this program, which is good since some people may have the wrong idea about his real persona, but at the same time, this show is not that amusing. We’ll see what SBS will do about it…

Enjoy adorable dork Wookie dancing!