Lee Dong Wook models for “Cartier” on Arena Homme + October 2014

1412070042-29-orgGood morning chingus, today I will bless you with new pictures of Wookie’s last photo shoot. If you follow DongHae news and soompi, you know that on August 25th he departed from Incheon to go to US, to Hawaii precisely, to shoot this pictorial for Cartier. Wookie is one of Cartier’s sponsors and on many of his photoshoots you can see watches by this brand. On Hotel King, Ah Mo Ne’s engagement ring was also from Cartier and I bet they could get it for the filming thanks to Wookie’s endorsement with the company. There’s a long story around Cartier bracelets also on Da Hae that has got no end till today, and the possibility that DongHae met while he did this shoot, but that discussion will deserve another post. For the moment, enjoy Wookie’s pictures in UHQ (click on the picture to see the full quality). I expect the other pictures to come out in the following days. I also got the scans for this shoot on my laptop, but I want to find better quality pictures so you will have to wait… hehe. 🙂

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DongHae FanPage Around the Internet

Hey all! Tonight it will be about ” self promotion” or sort of. I wanted to let you know that this blog is on various SNS sites… if you use twitter, you can either follow me @tweety_bass or @WookieAndCherry. If you have Instagram, today I have created an account where I will post all the pics about Wookie and Da Hae and of them together. This is the link. Last but not last, this page is also on Facebook. If you don’t want to create a WordPress account to follow this blog, you can follow the fanpage over there at this link. Well, I’ve done my self promotion for the moment, I will let you know if I create more accounts dedicated to DongHae! 😉

DongHae and the secret BTS… A Mystery

hk26Hello fellow shippers! Tonight I bring you some ‘news’ regarding uri DongHae couple and Hotel King filming… we already know through some statements done around July from the crew that our OTP had done some adlibs on the drama and they were too cute and in character that the PD didn’t cut them from the episode that aired on TV. If you don’t know what I mean, I will tell you know. The first scene that we are sure was ad-libbed, aka, wasn’t on the script but it was improvised by Wookie and Da Hae, is the swing scene at the beginning of episode 28. Jae Wan and Mo Ne are resting after they got wet in a fountain, and they drink milk on the swing. They were just supposed to sit there and that’s it, but they kissed her each other several times while they were there. Da Hae also spilled milk on Wookie’s kraken area and cleaned as if it wasn’t a big deal. I doubt she’d be so cool if there wasn’t anything between them… right? 😉 At least I wouldn’t wipe on that place if I wasn’t very intimate with him. 😉

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A bts picture and a still from “Blade Man”

1411873950-42-orgAnnyong!!! Today is Sunday but as usual news never sleep. We’ve got this fab pic of Wookie on the set of his drama “Blade Man”. The picture above is from the first two episodes when he is with his ex girlfriend lying on the grass. He looks like he is ten years younger with that shirt on… lol! But still cute of course.

The picture below the cut is from the drama itself, I think episode 6. I still have to watch that one and the 5th due to real life business that kept me busy these days. Hmpf. You will get the usual recap of “Blade Man” before the new episodes on Wednesday, so just be patient. ^^

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Lee Da Hae Weibo Update (Sept. 27)

6c2368d7jw1ekqp3xtthuj20dc0hs0uxWoah, uri Da Hae is parading us with a new update! This time she posted some pictures from her trip to Las Vegas and she mentioned they were taken before she departed to get back, and also a new pic of a table set for two… her and a friend. A friend she met the day after yesterday -she says it- and that had lunch with her. Who could that person be? 😉

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DongHae Couple HD Wallpapers Collection

manip5Since I have made some DongHae walls, I’ve decided to gather them here for you to download. They are1280x720, they can fit on a smaller screen too. I can also make walls by request on DongHae theme, or LDH or LDW. You just need to write a comment here or @ me on twitter at @tweety_bass or @WookieAndCherry. Click on the pictures for the bigger version!

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Lee Da Hae Weibo Update


“我最近迷上了做料理~ 要不要既介绍一下韩国美食又一点一点公开一下我的秘密食谱呢? ㅋ 而且最重要的是这个是在没有任何人的帮助下自己完成的料理哦 哈哈哈!! 那做为开始!从公开为今天早上从美国回来的妈妈准备的早餐餐桌开始! !” Translation by @nocturne9
I am really into cooking lately.  Should I give a small introduction of the Korean cuisine and give out my secret recipes bit by bit?? keke.. and the most importance thing is I made all these without anyone’s help Hahaha!!  So to start, I prepared the breakfast table for mom who just arrived from US this morning!!

Hello chingus, this morning Da Hae has updated her weibo page and she let us know she’s back in Korea. ^^ According to a person, someone saw her at the airport two days ago and yesterday she had a meal with her stylist at her house.She said on InStyle’s interview that she wanted to learn cooking, this is why she is probably inviting her friends over to make them try her meals.

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“Blade Man” OST Part 1

The first OST song for Wookie’s drama “Blade Man” has been released. It’s a track sung by KARA’s Park Gyuri and Park Seungyeon and if you’ve watched the drama, it has been featured a couple of times already. This is a song about the future love story of Hong Bin and Se Dong on the drama. Translation behind the cut.

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Lee Dong Wook Official FB Update

10653764_281936125340777_2672894864988078472_nToday uri Wookie updated his official facebook page with two pictures from “Blade Man” filming. The message along with the pictures mentioned that he was tired and sleepy because they had to film the whole night, but he was still happy filming for the drama.

<아이언맨> 촬영으로 인한
밤샘강행군 속에서도 웃음을 잃지 않는 그!
졸린 눈을 비비는 모습도
너무 사랑스럽지 않나요~?><

즐거운 저녁 시간 보내시고
바로 오늘 밤 10시!
KBS 2TV ‘아이언맨’ 본방사수도 기억해주세요~
[#PHOTO # dongwook Lee # Iron Man #LeeDongWook]
‘ Iron man ‘ filming in ganghaenggun staying up all night due to not lose that smile!
Sleepy eyes aren’t so much lovable grating appeared to spend pleasant evening and > <? right at 10: 00 tonight!
KBS 2TV ‘ iron man ‘ could this radiation remember ~

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♥ DongHae Couple Update â™¥

dh7Good evening everyone! Tonight I’m gonna update you on a couple of sightings that have happened lately and that some friends let me and other fans know about. I want to believe these sightings of uri DongHae are true, because they come from trustworthy people. Above all, who saw them seem to be people who are not hardcore fans like us, so they wouldn’t troll us and fabricate false informations.

The first sighting comes for our dear @taoeunjung from soompi who kindly translates a lot of stuff about uri couple ♥♥♥. She told us on LINE, that her Korean teacher spotted DongHae the last week of April at a cafè, when they were filming the first episodes of Hotel King…

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