New Da Hae pics for “PINON”

Good evening guys, no idea why I couldn’t find them before but new pics of Da Hae for the golf clothing brand she is sponsoring, have been released. Besides the one I have already posted few weeks ago in UHQ, there are some new of our girl with a model that I don’t know. This campaign was said to be shot at the beginning of September in Gangwondo province, at a private exclusive golf course of the region. If more pictures will come out, I will update you. But I doubt we would have more since usually clothing campaigns normally release less than 15 outfits pictures.


DongHae Halloween Treat

10735577_714354338657092_734225211_nMaybe Halloween day is already over in some of your countries, but since where I live it’s still the 31st, I will treat you to a one shot about DongHae that I wrote today. No idea how much it’s good or bad, anyway, it’s still something to read if you like DongHae. I had the inspiration thanks to Da Hae’s wigs pics from her drama “Miss Ripley” and of course I was inspired by Wookie’s costume on “Blade Man”. Da Hae goes on the set of the drama to surprise her man by wearing a wig. What it will happen?


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Lee Dong Wook ARENA Homme October 2014 Scans

web_1948821061_ef4560bcAnnyong, I know I am a little late in posting these because they were released in September, but I was looking for a better quality and I couldn’t find it, this is why I am posting them right now. As you may remember, Wookie had to model Cartier watches and jewellery and clothing brands for this photoshoot, this is why there isn’t an interview linked to these pages. He hasn’t given an interview about this year 2014 yet, and I wish he would do another photoshoot after “Blade Man” ends, and comment about what he did and about his reunion with Da Hae as well. 😉

Scans Credit: Thanks to Lee Dong Wook DC Gallery

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Discussion Post: An analysis of Da Hae’s career so far

Good evening! These last few weeks of October have brought us very little news like the Kenzo sweaters that may be couple items, or the possibility that our lovebirds have dined together over the last weekend. I have already posted this on soompi, but I will post it here again because this way more people can read it. Of course it’s my pure speculation and analysis, so you are free to agree or disagree. I have tried to see it with an objective eye based on what I read and realized through these months of shipping.

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“Blade Man” Stills and Set Pics

Good morning, today we have a new pair of photos to look at… LDW Official FB posted some new behind the scenes images from the latest episodes of his drama. It shows the variegated fashion of his character Joo Hong Bin and how eccentric he is. There are some outfits I don’t think suit Wookie, but they are okay anyway, in the end it’s just for a drama. I am only against the baggy shirts and when he’s too hip hop. This style is being overused, lmao. The other pictures under the cut are image stills from Episode 10 e the collage is from Episode 14 and the other solo pic with from Episode 15 that will air later today. Still talking about Blade Man, I will try to post the recap for Episode 13 tonight.

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“Blade Man” Episode 12 Recap&Review

아이언맨.E12.141022.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_002639707Yo, everyone. I could finally have time to watch this episode. The parts with Hong Bin and Chang are very cute, because they are finally acting like father and son. But HB should still learn a lot of things about talking to a small child, haha. During this episode we find out the relation between Sedong and HB’s family. Like we also saw on Episode 11, Hong Bin and Sedong have indirectly already met before. Now we will see more flashbacks of that day and how the woman will react when she will realize the connection.

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“Blade Man” Stills and BTS

Annyong! Nothing new in DongHae Land, I’m afraid. But I came bearing some behind the scenes pictures and stills from Wookie’s drama. It looks as if he’s still acting in daddy mode, and it’s really cute. ❤ I expect him to fullfill his word that he will have children before he turns 40, haha. You have your lady by your side after all. 😉 Besides the pictures with Yoon Geun (who plays Chang on BM) there’s a few image stills from Episode 9 when Hong Bin dressed up as a polar bear.

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“Blade Man” Episode 11 Recap&Review

아이언맨.E11.141016.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_001780100Hello! I know I said you would get this recap very soon and you didn’t, but I’ve been busy the whole week with work and I couldn’t focus on the recap too much. Episode 11 was a sort of turning point for the story, above all in regards of Hong Bin and Chang’s relationship. We got cute moments between father and son on this episode, but the mysteries sure aren’t finished either. There are rumors on the internet that this drama may have 19 episodes instead of 20 because of few weeks ago when they could just air one episode due to a match that aired on a Thursday while “Blade Man” had to be on. This means we will get the final two episodes around mid-November. I hope the writer won’t disappoint me with this because so far it wasn’t bad.

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Lee Da Hae Weibo Update + Speculation

好久没有给大家公开我的手艺了!现在公开一下我做的 “california seaweed roll”加利福尼亚馅卷!这款馅卷里面有多种蔬菜,是一道健康食品!大家也做做看吧
Translation: I haven’t showed you my work for a while! Here’s the “California seaweed roll”! It’s made with vegetables, it’s very healthy! We’ll try it and see.

Seems like my wish has been satisfied. Finally Da Hae updated her weibo this morning (afternoon in Korea time). She wrote that she made a healthy dinner with vegetables, she called it California seaweed roll. You know, in Korea there’s a lot of foods “rolled” into that black thing you see on the place in both pics, like kimbap. I wonder who are the three guests who dined with her… it looks as if two of them like still water and two sparkling water. Why am I saying this? Read more to find out…

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“Blade Man” BTS Pics + Stills

Annyong! Tonight I’m sharing some of LDW’s behind the scenes pictures from Episode 10 and Episode 12 of “Blade Man”. This is the second time we see Wookie with Yoo Geun on bts pics, and he acts as if he was the child’s real daddy. Awww, he really looks like he’s tailored to be one cool appa! He already acts as the appa of his cast mates on “Roommate”, but with a child he is even cuter. I wish we could see him and Da Hae on a reality show with celebs and their children someday. It would be daebak! More bts pics can be found on T H I S blog.

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