DongHae Halloween Treat

10735577_714354338657092_734225211_nMaybe Halloween day is already over in some of your countries, but since where I live it’s still the 31st, I will treat you to a one shot about DongHae that I wrote today. No idea how much it’s good or bad, anyway, it’s still something to read if you like DongHae. I had the inspiration thanks to Da Hae’s wigs pics from her drama “Miss Ripley” and of course I was inspired by Wookie’s costume on “Blade Man”. Da Hae goes on the set of the drama to surprise her man by wearing a wig. What it will happen?



All he could think while he was walking to the weird girl, was that Da Hae hadn’t answered him and he was a bit worried. Was she angry? Had they argued? Ah, he couldn’t remember well because he was dizzy because of work. He would run to her house once the stranger would let him know why did she call him there.

He was more than a meter away from this person when he stopped. You know, this was a formal distance, after all he had to understand who this girl was. “Hello, do we know each other?” he asked, his voice was low and quiet.
Even if she was a little eclipsed by the mediocre source of light in the set, he could see a smirk forming on her face. It was almost scary. “I sent you the text earlier” she whispered with a voice he couldn’t recall. “I told you I would be coming.”

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