DongHae Couple Speculation – Hints, hints, hints “RM” Edition

rm05Annyong! Since it’s a silent period for our couple, I have decided to write a post and speculate about something again. These are just my thoughts, and I have no idea if I am wrong or right about these things. Take everything as a grain of salt until there’s further confirmation sooner or later! ^^ Anyway, tonight’s speculation is about “Roommate”, the reality show where Wookie appears every week. As you may know, Da Hae appeared on the show twice. One time while they were filming “Hotel King”, and another time when they did the wrap up party of the drama. Her guest starring happened out of nowhere since she was just at the same place, same time… but also, nope. Rewatching Episode 5 (first time she appeared) and Episode 16 (last time she appeared), I’ve noticed parallels in Seho and Wookie’s behavior and a sort of hints that distinguish reality between scripted relationship.

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Lee Da Hae Weibo Update (Nov 26th)

Yesterday around midnight Da Hae updated her weibo account. She said she is in Japan with her friend, and through this short video she showed her fans a bit of her trip. If she was spotted Monday at Incheon, this means the footage of the video must have been recorded on that day and yesterday. It looks like she is having fun. If we are lucky enough, she may post more pictures of her trip in the next days. ^^

Wookie “KanS” Fan Meeting (Nov 26th)

Today Wookie went to meet four lucky fans who won a meeting with him with “KanS”, a perfume/make up brand that sponsorizes MAMA Awards. He signed autographs for them and took selcas. MAMA Awards will be held on December 3rd in Hong Kong, and Wookie will be one of the presenters. On December 6th, there will be another fan meeting with him at a new LOTTE mall or something like that, and hopefully we will also get pics from there. ^^

source: KanS weibo

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Lee Da Hae for “L’Oréal”

Our gorgeous Da Hae is so pretty in these pictures for her “L’Oréal” photoshoots. She endorses her hair for the 2014 hit looks. Her hair color is called mocha latter and the ends of the hair have a technique called “flower” here, it’s a little decoloration done casually on the hair. I have no idea when these pictures where taken, but probably in August after it was announced that she had seven CFs to do. I’ve read that China chose Da Hae as their “L’Orèal” model after they loved her style on “Hotel King”. Her hairstyle, in fact, is the same or almost the same she had there. I also like it a lot. 🙂

Happy 50,000 visits!

50000ANNYEONGGG! It’s with great pleasure that I announce that… haha, let’s skip the formalities, the blog has reached 50,000 visits already. I’m really happy about this. When I created this blog around the end of August, I didn’t think it would turn out to be visited and known by people. Now after almost three months, I am excited of this result because my main aim besides having fun, is to bring you the recent news about our DongHae couple and what they do or what they could be possibly doing. I guess I have reached my goal and I hope that together with your support, I can continue my blogging activity and always keep your DongHae love and interest alive. With patience and care, this little blog and its related SNS accounts can grow and flourish and become a point of reference for all the fans who love this couple. I have to say just one word to you… THANK YOU! ^^ ❤

Da Hae spotted at Incheon Airport (Nov. 25th)

Today Da Hae was spotted at Incheon Airport around 1pm. I have no idea where she is headed, but maybe Los Angeles. I’m thinking that she’s headed there because this Thursday is Thanksgiving. Since she has family living there, it’s likely she celebrates this holiday and she is going there for this purpose. We were lucky she was spotted by someone, or else, we wouldn’t have known! So thank you to the weibo user who shared these pictures. 🙂

“Roommate” Season 2 Episode 9

Hey all. ^^ Like I told you last week, starting today November 25th, “Roommate” will air on Tuesday at 11.15pm KST instead of Sunday. On this episode, there are two groups like last week. One group went to the beach to go fishing, and another went to a woman who would teach them how to sing/pronounce words, I didn’t get it because the episode I watched didn’t have the subs. Anyway, Wookie, Jackson, Youngji, Jong Ok, Nana and Min Woo went to the beach and tried to catch fishes in the mud… things got out of hand at some point, and everyone got dirty and they played for a while until they cooked the fish they got. You will see a more detailed recap with pictures in the following days.

Wookie among the presenters of “MAMA” Awards

Annyong ^^ hope you are having a good day. The list of presenters of “MAMA” Awards has been pulished and out Wookie is one of the presenters. He’s also presented awards in the past, so I am guessing it’s sort of a habit for him to be invited there. The “MAMA” Awards will be held in Hong Kong on December 3rd and besides Wookie, there will be other famous top Korean stars. It’s saddens me Da Hae is not on the list but we never know. This year it would have made sense for them to present together since they did a drama few months ago… ah, what do I always say in these occasions? We will see what happens. 🙂

source: thestar

Asian Music Festival ‘2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards’ gorgeous presenter lineup (the 2014 MAMA) was released.

Wed, December 3rd Hong Kong Asia World Expo held in the Arena (AWE / AsiaWorld-Expo) ‘2014 MAMA’ gotta presenter line-up is getting a hot public reaction.

CJ E & M is Kwon for the ‘2014 MAMA’, Song Seung Hun, Choi Ji Woo, Yoon Eun Hye, including top Asian stars, as well as Lee Dong Wook, Park Bo-young, Kim Ji Hoon, Kim Ji-suk, Yeon Woo-jin, one, Kyung Soo-jin, Yoo In-na, Kang So-ra, Jae – Hyeon, Park Min-woo, etc. This year he was a star in the drama, and boasting the best price in the current continents Lee Kwang – soo, Kim Won Hee.

Lee Da Hae Weibo and Twitter Update (Nov 23rd)


Happy Sunday everyone! Our Da Hae finally updated her SNS again. ^^ She posted pictures of her current trip to Jeju island, the place where they filmed some moments from her and Wookie’s drama “My Girl”. She said that she was picking some tangerines. To me, it looks like these pics were taken these days since they seem to be of various moments of the day… anyway, maybe she’s on the island for work since on one pic, you can see her manager behind her, and her mother in between. We will only know this in the coming weeks, eheh. I’m still expecting new pictures like the ones she did for L’Oréal. Maybe some pictures from her ads will also be released during Christmas time, I have no idea. For the moment, let’s enjoy these and hope that we will hear about her sooner than expected. ^^

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Wookie spotted in Dubai (Nov 20th)

Is Wookie in Dubai? It looks like it! Apparently he was waiting in the lobby of the Hotel Atlantic yesterday November 20th. From the outfit, hair and face, it looks like he has to do a photoshoot or shoot a CF. We don’t really know anything about this because he wasn’t photographed by paps at the airport, which means maybe he wanted to leave for this destination quietly. I’m wondering… why? I guess we will soon know the reason. After all, he doesn’t have to notify his fans about each one of his jobs. Maybe someone will spot him again today, haha! Let’s wait. 🙂