Lee Dong Wook for Luel Magazine January 2015

Credit: LDW Official FB + LDW DC Gallery

Hello! Late Xmas gifts are arriving… here I thought the INStyle shoot would be the last one we would see of Wookie from this 2014, but once again he surprised me (like Da Hae, haha). These pictures are from Luel Magazine January 2015 issue. I don’t think there will be an interview attached to this shoot since the scans were already released and it looked like he would just be a model. I like these pics more than the latest ones, but the only thing that doesn’t amuse me much is his hair… I prefer Wookie with dark hair, eheh.


Lee Da Hae Weibo Update (Dec 28)

Woooah! Seems like we are lucky, eheh. Da Hae updated her weibo account with pictures of her and Heechul, member of Super Junior and one of her old friends. He updated a picture of them first on Instagram, and wrote a very long message about wanting her to get married and also why they both don’t find a person – anyway, Da Hae is not his type. DH replied to his long thought through her SNS saying that Heechul is not her type either, haha. It looks like Da Hae is meeting her friends these days, perhaps to wish them Merry Christmas or a happy 2015. Or who knows, maybe we are close to something different? I’m betting 2015 is the year of DongHae… πŸ˜‰

Lee Da Hae Twitter Update (December 26)

Translation: Why do I look older even after using Photoshop? I won’t play with you, unni Yoon So Yi.

Hello! Glad that Da Hae updated Twitter yesterday evening. She was with her ex co-star and friend from IRIS 2 Yoon So Yi. They were probably at a bar or restaurant, and who knows, maybe they were meeting with wish Merry Christmas to each other. I’m thankful our unni updated her SNS, it had passed a lot since her last update, we were starting to miss her! ❀

Merry Christmas!!! Plus vote for our Chamo Couple

donghaexmasFirst thing, Merry Christmas! I wanted to post this two days ago but unfortunately I was too busy in real life to dedicate it some time and understand how voting would be done. On the 24th the voting session for Best Couple and Best Popular Male/Female ended, but MBC nominated our Chamo couple in another category of sub awards, “Best Kiss“. They nominated three kisses, the one they put in the spotlight was the kiss at the Capsule park on Episode 24, when they decided to be together as a couple. Da Hae was also nominated as “Best Women Fashion” in dramas and Wookie in the same category but for Men’s fashion. To vote you need to comment at the bottom of the page with your imbc account. You need to write for who you are voting and wait for a confirmation. I believe this will go on until the 30th, but I am not sure. I could just comment this morning. If the voting had been closed like the other one, I think comments would be off, but they weren’t, so I suggest you to write “β˜…ν›„λ³΄4. <ν˜Έν…”ν‚Ή>의 3λ‹¨ν‚€μŠ€” under the article as your comment. You should also like and comment in favor of DongHae under their picture on MBC’s Facebook page. Do not let too much time pass because the awards are just around the corner! πŸ˜‰ If you don’t know how to get an imbc account, check my previous post.


#Chamo Memories: Little Ciel Part III

littleciel25 - bThe third part of this parallels series of Chamo at Little Ciel continues with Episode 25 and beginning of 26. On this episode Ah Mo Ne wants to find out more informations about Jae Wan’s real mother, and she asks the landlord of the pension to help her. He is reluctant at first but then reveals the name of the woman to her and she casually finds a picture of baby Hyun Woo/Jae Wan in Baek’s drawers that confirms her suspicions. Mo Ne is shocked of the truth and goes to Little Ciel again, and when her lover arrives to the place and informs her that Lee Jung Ku showed him where his mother is buried, she really wants to run far away to protect her man from finding out the truth.

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Lee Dong Wook on InStyle Korea January 2015

Hi all! Wookie’s new pictorial is finally here! Remember when I posted that he was in Dubai a month ago? Well, he was there for a photoshoot that is on January 2015 InStyle Korea issue. The pictures show our man in the desert and in luxury hotels. I like these pics, but honestly I was waiting for something more. He did better shoots! Enjoy the pictorial pictures and the scans of the magazine. I pray someone will translate the interview. ^^

Scans Credit: Lee Dong Wook DC Gallery

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“Roommate” Pictures Preview

Hi all ^^ last week and this week SBSRoommate Official account posted some new pictures from the Christmas episode. It was divided in two parts, last week the first one aired and if I have time I may post of recap of it soon. Tomorrow part II will air at 11.15pm and we will see members of the families of our roommates. I don’t know if I saw wrong, but I think Wookie invited his sister and husband over again. We’ll see what they’ll do, they were all crying in the preview! I wonder until when this show will air. If they will stop for the holidays, or continue their brodcasting. Above all, considering the ratings are not so good I wonder if they will not air it at some point, or they will continue until the end, that should be 50 episodes. They are now at episode 32, which means they should finish in 2015 around Spring.

LDW – More Pictures from “Letters from Angels” Photoshoot

credit: cho seihon official facebook page

Hello ^^ these days some new pictures from the exhibition that I wrote about few weeks ago, have been released. The exhibition is happening right now until December 22nd, and is meant to sensibilize people to adopt children. Wookie and other actors and singers posed with children on various pictures that can be seen at Insart Center in Seoul. The pictures also appeared on Cosmopolitan Korea December 2014 issue. ❀

Vote for Wookie at KBS Awards

kbs2 kbsawGood evening! Wookie has been nominated in the popular men category and best couple category (with SSK) at KBS Awards. Like for MBC Awards, you need to register on their site to vote. I don’t know how much of people’s votes will be counted in the final results, since there are speculations that part of the final victory is declared by the network and the ratings as well. There are some pretty strong actors and couples on KBS as well, and the competition is wider since they nominated all the actors (even the second leads on some dramas) of the projects they have aired during this 2014. KBS Awards will air on December 31st and the voting is until December 30th. I am not sure but I believe Wookie could attend these awards since they are a day after MBC Awards. To know how to vote, check this tutorial made by @Princi_86 at soompi. Click on each picture to go through the link to vote. ❀