VIDEO – Lee Da Hae bts for Shunvfang SS/2015

Shunvfang posted a behind the scenes video with our girl. ❤ In the video you can see how she posed for the pictures of the Spring/Summer 2015 shoot that I have posted previously. This collection features a lot of gowns that look like they are perfect for a wedding, and as usual everything is cute and young. Too bad they don’t sell in Europe! She took these pictures/video during her trip to Guangzhou back in October 2014. I wonder if she will also do the Fall collection in May or June. I have no idea when her contract is up since she’s been the endorser for a few years already. I hope it’s not due anytime soon because it looks like this brand really likes her and it could be good for Da Hae to be famous in China since it’s a bigger country than SK and she could get better offers over there. Thanks to @muchcloudier for sending me this video ❤


New Wookie pic for PAT

pat_mainsource: PAT Official Website

Today we finally got a new picture of Wookie for PAT, the clothing brand he’s endorsing since the start of this new year. On this photo he is posing with Arizona Muse, the model that was chosen to be the face of this line along with him. The pic is pretty good and they are not bad together. It was put up as the main photo of the official PAT website, so I expect them to release the new line soon and maybe even a BTS video/promo of the photoshoot they did in London almost three weeks ago. Wookie has been very silent since his departure to the UK. I am sure he is back in South Korea, but he is resting most likely. There haven’t been any sightings of him around the globe yet, this is why. Well, Wookie’s next event is his fan meeting in Japan on February 28th. If we haven’t any updates until then, that’s the only thing we can look for the moment, eheh. I hope that he goes out of hiding sooner or later, maybe for a new drama or anything. 🙂

#Chamo Memories: Little Ciel Part IV


HI! Welcome to the last installment of Chamo Memories at Little Ciel. Episode 26 was the last time we saw our couple spending time over there on-screen. Last time I wrote about the first part of said episode and how Ah Mo Ne was sad because she knew the real identity of Manager Baek while Jae Wan was finally happy because he thought he had found his mother. This time I will explore their “night-time” which includes our Chamo talk on the balcony and their bed scene.

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Lee Da Hae Twitter Update (January 23rd)

불금에 강아지와 데리구 홀로 운동을…. 괜찮아요… 난 앵두가 옆에있으니까.. ㅋㅋㅋ

Translation by Google: Doing exercise in the building… I’m okay… ‘Cause I’m with Cherry… k k k

These days our girl seems to like updating SNS. The other day it was weibo, now Twitter as well. She posted a picture of her at night doing excercise in the gym of her building most likely (since many luxury buildings have a private gym for their inhabitants to use). Her dog Cherry kept her company while she did what she had to do. Maybe it’s the black that makes the effect, but she looks very skinny… I wish she would eat more, because she can still keep her figure if she maintains, you know. But I know SK showbiz is a harsh world, so one has to be fit all the time to appeal to almost everyone. Ah! Cherry, we like you just the way you are. ❤

International Video Project for Wookie

10899158_773528829394095_797665361_nAnnyong, tonight before I go to sleep I want to inform you about a project created by some of my chingus from LDW soompi thread. This is a project meant to encourage Wookie about his work and to let him know that fans are supporting him anyway even though his 2014 projects didn’t have the results he probably wanted. The intent is to give what we will create to Wookie himself on the date of his Japan fan meeting, which is February 28th. To read how to participate, look under the cut and if you have any questions, you can comment or message me through twitter or anywhere else. ^^

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Lee Da Hae purchases a new building

It was reported by Sports Seoul that Da Hae recently bought a building in Nonhyeon-dong in Seoul, in Gangnam. From what I recall, this place is also close to the luxury building where she currently lives. She, together with her mother, bought this building for 3.3KRW (about 3 million USD). It is a two storey building (pic above) that could be likely demolished to build a new one, since its condition doesn’t look too good. It is possible Da Hae and her mother or her family in general, since they like to invest money, will start a new business here. Maybe cooking made Da Hae want to purchase a restaurant or something? Well, since she has the means to do this, she can try. After all, a celebrity’s wealth also grows because of the investments they make in the market. One can’t live with their fame alone. Good luck!

First Wookie pics for PAT

Wookie looks awesome in London for the new pictures of his recent photoshoot for PAT, a line of clothing. I’ve already posted about it last week, he went for a few days in the UK to take the pictures and it looks like they shoot both in studio and in the streets. The only thing I don’t like is always his hair. I prefer his natural color. ^^

Lee Da Hae Weibo Update (January 20th)


Translation by @muchcloudier: Start to learn flower arrangement,”Money is capricious” haha

Da Hae is practicing something again! She posted these pictures early this morning to show us that she is learning how to arrange flowers. Wow, I didn’t know there were courses to learn that because I know some people who do this as a job and they have never done something like this. I guess it’s a trend as many things in SK right now, like Da Hae’s manicure. Thanks to my friend Natt who looked up on Instagram, she found out that the colors DH is wearing on her nails are a current trend among Korean women. The nail polishes are from Butter London, and I want to try them as well since I like to copy celebrities styles. Anyway, other than this weibo update we got another news about Da Hae. It says that she bought a two storey building that I got it’s a commercial place at the ground floor and has offices at the first floor. Could she or her family be planning a new business? Da Hae’s parents own many properties and she does as well, and invest could be a good thing to make money grow. Well, good luck if it’s a business related thing! We will find out if it’s gonna be something related to her. ^^

Lee Dong Wook pics from Mind Bridge 2014/AW Catalogue

credit: Lee Dong Wook baidu bar

I know some of these pictures were released this summer being this the Autumn/Winter collection, but since we got a better quality version of them thanks to Chinese fans of Wookie, I decided to post them. Thanks to the chingu who posted them on Lee Dong Wook’s baidu bar. ❤ Who knows if he will model for this brand in 2015 as well. My idea is that he won’t because contracts with these clothing brands usually last for 1-2 seasons (so one year). There are only some who like to keep the same model for over than one year, because they make a contract with their endorser. This is happening fewer times than in the past because companies of anything, from toilet paper to clothing lines, have understood that to improve their brand and image they have to change their endorser after some months. You know, with certain celebs faces some people are brought to buy that certain product and try it, and this way the brand can get new clients. Ok, this was a bit off topic, but who cares, haha! Enjoy more pics of Wookie under the cut…

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Lee Da Hae’s signature for ANAT Cosmetics

@059320ciy Instagram

It has been a few months since Da Hae signed something for Korean cosmetic brand ANAT. Today the manger director of the beauty brand posted a picture of our girl with her signature once again. I am not sure when she signed the paper, but most likely she did it these days or in December. Da Hae looks very good and she is pretty with very few or maybe not even a bit of make-up. That’s what you call a natural beauty ❤ I wonder if this means that Da Hae will collaborate with them as their endorser, or she just supports  the brand. Guess, we’ll have to wait. ^^