Lee Dong Wook International Video Project

DAILYMOTION VERSION: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2ibrvf_lee-dong-wook-international-video-project_webcam

Hello! I had told you that the video for Wookie would be posted today, and here it is. I personally edited the video but a lot of other fans helped out as well with drama/movie cutting, collecting the pictures and video messages, put the text on the pics, spread the world about the project, and much more. Of course the greatest help came from Wookie’s fans who have partecipated. Remember that without you, this wouldn’t have been possible! To be the first time we have done this internationally, it was a success. One of Wookie’s fans who went to the Japan fanmeeting today brought the video with her on USB and CD and I have had the confirmation that he got it and with a smiled said “Thank you. And I see it by all means” (copied the exact words that he said. So YAY! It’s cool! Thank you!!! ❤


Lee Dong Wook BTS for DAT tv + Airport pics (Feb 27th)

A while ago Wookie took pictures for DAT tv Japan for his upcoming visit to Osaka on Februrary 28th (tomorrow). Not only he will go there for a fanmeeting, but also to promote his latest drama “Blade Man” that is going to air there in March. These pictures posted above are behind the scenes, and I am sure we will see the mags’ images in the near future and an interview he did with Shin Se Kyung in Seoul as well.

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“Roommate” Pictures Update – VOTE for Donghae

Wookie, Ryohei, Jong Ok and Youngji went escursing on the mountains on the last “Roommate” Episode to celebrate the Chinese Lunar Year. This place is Gangwon-do, the same location where “Hotel King” was filmed last year. According to some Instagram sightings and the tweets from RM PD on twitter, they went there on February 12-13th.

I want to remind you that this Saturday Wookie will hold a fanmeeting in Osaka, Japan. ^^ We’re surely getting pictures and we will try to give him the famous Video Project we have been preparing since last month.

Last but not last, DongHae is partecipating in a contest. If you have a Soompi account, you just have to click “awesome”, “insightful” or “LOL” under the post with our OTP’s artworks over H E R E. 🙂

Lee Dong Wook Facebook Update

If you’ve checked out the blog yesterday, below this post I have put a video with Wookie’s New Year greeting and autograph. Today new pictures of him holding the paper have been released, and he and his official FB are wishing everyone a Happy New Lunar Year, that is the year of the sheep. Well, happy lunar year to those who celebrate, again. ^^

Lee Da Hae New Year Greeting


From FNCent weibo: FNC_Entertainment says [#FNC#] 祝大家在新的一年里,喜气洋洋,万事如意,合家欢乐,财源滚滚,心想事成,永远开心 在新的一年里也多多支持我们FNC哦 ♡

Translation by Google: I wish everyone in the new year, happy, good luck, fun, extra cash, all wishes come true, always happy in the new year, we are also a lot of support FNC Oh ♡

Hello ^^ today another Lunar Year greeting comes from Da Hae’s agency, FNCent. They made a collage with all of their artists’ pictures and wrote hangeul and Chinese characters on each blank paper, so they could wish Happy New Year in both languages. So far there is no greeting video yet, but I hope they did it like Wookie’s agency because they did one in 2014. I wonder where did Da Hae take her picture, but I guess not before January 2015 since she should have checked with her agency about her last CF shooting (for Arnaldo Bassini clothing line). Hope to see her if they recorded footage with the stars greeting directly, because it has been so long since we’ve heard her talk! I’m thankful she has been posting updates on SNS, but we would also like a video to hear her voice. 🙂

VIDEO – Lee Dong Wook New Year Message

Good morning! As you may know (or not), February 19th is the New Lunar Year. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think only in China and Korea they celebrate the new year this way. Every year the day of this festivity changes, because it depends on moon phases, I guess (that’s why ‘lunar’ year). Wookie and other members of KKEnt recorded a video message to greet their fans a nice year. He said a lot of things, but generally, he wishes people to be happy and healthy.  If you want to check his message (translated by Google), check under the cut. There’s also a picture of him with an autograph for his fans. ^^

source: KKEnt Blog

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VOTE for our DongHae couple + a new MV by @muchcloudier ^^

Hello, everyone! The other day on soompi forums started a contest about the “best couple” from the drama, music, and reality work. I wanted to apply our DongHae Couple because they are one of the most famous kdrama couples and they deserve to be recognized. This is why I have entered this, you can see the original post here where I also wrote a short intro and posted quotes they have said about each other. Soompi finally opened the poll to see who is going to pass to Round 2. I hope you will all give your support over H E RE (the poll is at the end of the slideshow of pics of the couples). You can vote even if you are not a registered Soompi user, so don’t hesitate to help up win this poll to move onto the next level of the poll! You have until Februrary 17th at 11.59 KST to vote.

The video I posted above was made by @muchcloudier. She gave me the permission to upload it on the Youtube channel of this blog, so enjoy her work because it’s awesome! ❤

Lee Da Hae Weibo Update (Februrary 14th)



Translation by @nocturne9 on soompi: It’s too dry lately.  I am doing skin care at the clinic, is it better???

Annyong! We finally got a new update from our girl on weibo. She posted a picture of her with a fresh face at a place like a SPA most likely, because she wrote that she was treating her face because the weather was very dry. Apart from the beauty side of this, I bet that there must also be another reason… Saint Valentine! Today is lovers day, and since we are very positive she has a boyfriend (winkwink), it’s possible she is also preparing for a date at night. Eheh. ❤

Return to the past: Hotel King wrap up party

@KongHyunJoo Instagram

Our dear Secretary Cha Soo Ahn on “Hotel King”, Kong Hyun Joo, posted this old picture of her and the cast at the times of the wrap up party. You can see our DongHae couple in the background, always sitting together. I think they were together for the whole night, even when the group went to the place of the picture, a pub where everyone drank and sung songs at karaoke. Our OTP could surely be comfortable with each other when around their friends and cast mates, because Hotel King crew and stars surely knew there was something between them. I’ve created this post to share some pictures of the event since this blog hadn’t been created yet when the party occurred on July 27th of last year.

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Additional Pics of Lee Da Hae for Shunvfang SS 2015 Collection

Hello all! Double post today. Here’s three new/old pictures of Da Hae from the Spring/Summer 2015 Collection of Chinese brand Shunvfang. ^^ She took these back in October 2014, and most likely she will also model their Fall collection this summer. Too bad some are in LQ, but I couldn’t find a better quality. I think we may get brand new Da Hae pics soon because I’ve seen on Instagram that she has probably done the photoshoot for Arnaldo Bassini’s new clothing collection. Hope to get new updates from her through SNS! ❤ Thanks to @muchcloudier for these pics. 🙂