Da Hae doing charity work


Credit: raon_sson @ IG
Credit: raon_sson @ IG

Hello, good morning! Is it Christmas?! We have got brand new Da Hae pictures today as well. 😀 She is coming out of “hiding” and who knows, maybe she is appearing more because she is preparing to come back with a new drama? Whether in Korea or China, we may be getting news soon? 😀 I would hope so! By the way, returning to the picture above, Da Hae spent the day helping give coal to less privileged. With her there were many people, and among them, rapper Sean from YG Ent, and Jung Yonghwa from CNBlue who is also from her agency FNC Ent. She took selcas with many people and she looked radiant. Nowadays, compared to years before 2014 (before Hotel King, let’s be frank) she looks very happy and calm. I have said this many times, but I believe that the way she appears and feels right now, is due to love and being loved by someone. Even if we don’t have the confirmation yet, I want to believe this is the reason why Da Hae was able to pull herself out of the darkness where old scandals meant to bury her… like a phoenix. ^^ Go under the cut for more pictures.

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Beautiful Lee Da Hae for AB SS/2015

Image 5

Hi all! This week we are very lucky because we got new Da Hae pics again. ^^ We got these from Arnaldo Bassini Spring/Summer 2015 collection and we also got Shunvfang new pictures (that I will post soon). I have always liked AB photoshoots because the brand has classic and elegant clothes that suit Da Hae’s body perfectly. I think she is really fit to be their model because she gives the clothes life, and her poses are never boring. ❤ I love the looks, make up, hair and also her nail polishes. All these pictures show us how good of a model Da Hae is; this ensemble of pictures is probably one of the best yet from this brand and her modeling photoshoots as well. ❤ Enjoy more pictures under the cut. ^^

Credits: AB Official Website

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Da Hae attends ARCHE F/W 2015 Show – March 23


Hello, how are you? Today we unexpectedly got new pictures of Da Hae. We are lucky, aren’t we? It looks like she is trying to be more in the spotlight. What do you say, there’s something she is going to reveal soon? New project? Other stuff? I am glad she is being more present in the scene, her events in China last week were also very successfull; I have only read good things about it like Da Hae’s professionalism and gentle attitude towards her fans and the organizators of the two fan meetings. This time she has attended Seoul Fashion Week to attend the show of Korean brand ARCHE, from which she also wore some pieces during “Hotel King”, like her wedding dress from the last episode. ❤ More pics under the cut!

Credits: tags on pictures

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“My Girl” MV by Erhu

Hi all, good Sunday! How are you going on this first day of Spring? ^^ Here it’s raining and it’s grey, it doesn’t look like we are moving towards Summer, blergh. I have a few things to share with you and I will start with this. This MV was made a friend of my chingu @muchcloudier, Erhu, and it is wonderful. It makes me revive “My Girl” and our Donghae couple when they were in their twenties. ❤ I am nostalgic! This reminds me that I also have to finish MG screencaptures. I only have the last three episodes to make, and then they will be complete. ^^ You can check on the blog’s Facebook page the albums with the episodes I have already capped.

Da Hae departs from China + weibo update


能通过兰州的活动见到很多朋友们真的非常非常开心..很幸福 也感谢邀请我的韩彩化妆品..真的是很幸福的时间.. 尤其是很早就来接送机的我的珍贵的粉丝们 谢谢你们 我不会忘记每个人的!我爱你们^^

Translation by @nocturne9 on soompi: I am really really happy to have met so many of you through LanZhou Event.  I am so blessed and thanks HanCai cosmetic company  for inviting me.  It was a time of great happiness.  To those of you my precious fans who got up early to meet me at the airport, thanks so much, I won’t forget any of you.  I love you ^^

Hi people! How are you? This is the second post for today, since we have had a lot of pictures these last few days. Da Hae updated her weibo again with pictures from her second event in Zhengzhou, China. She thanked fans for her support and wished them farewell at the airport earlier today China time. A lot of fans from her baidu and FC went there to give Da Hae presents. They also gave her a lamp with DongHae selcas on it. ^^ And a cute plush of a sheep, since this is the year of the ship. They also gave her baby shoes like the last time, ihihih. She was nice as usual ❤

Credits: weibo (tags on pictures)

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Lee Dong Wook signs autographs + RM selcas

Hello ^^ yesterday LDW Facebook Page updated by posting these two pictures of him signing autographs, most likely for who won the White Day contest that his agency has organized. Besides these pics, we have got some images from “Roommate” of Wookie taking another selca with the donkey they bought, and a selca with Jackson and an asleep JP. I have read that RM is probably ending soon with Season 2, but I am not sure. Maybe it will only end S2 and they will start S3 with some members leaving. I will update you once I know how the situation is. ^^

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Da Hae in Zhengzhou for “Passional Lover” Event – March 17th


Hello everyone! Today Da Hae attended the second “Passional Lover” event in Zhengzhou, China. She wore a red lace jumpsuit to match with the concept of the brand, most likely. This was a very “Ah Mo Ne” style, and she charmed fans with her glamourous appearance. ❤ We’ve got better pictures today, and also a fan signing moment where fans gave Da Hae Donghae pictures to sign and she smiled from ear to ear, kekeke. I guess she likes when fans give her Donghae pics to sign. 😛 She looked happy today as well, so that’s good to see. She will be back to South Korea tomorrow, and Chinese chingus prepared more gifts to give to her before her departure, included a letter. Hopefully they’ll be able to give them to Da Hae. ❤

Credits: weibo (tags on pictures)

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Lee Dong Wook on his way back to SK – March 16

Earlier this morning China time, Wookie was spotted at the airport. He is returning back to South Korea, but so far I haven’t seen any airport pictures taken from fans and I have no idea when he has landed. I really like this outfit as well, I think blue suits him a lot. ❤ More pictures under the cut of him at the airport. ❤

Credits: weibo (tags on pictures)

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Da Hae In Lanzhou for “Passional Lover” Event – March 16

多多 不可以拿自己的脸这样开玩笑~[噢耶][噢耶]

Translation by Google: Can not take a lot of your own face, it’s such a joke ~ [oh yeah] [oh yeah]

Hello dear readers, how are you? Sorry to bring this to you sooo late, but when the event happened it was night here and I had very few time to be at home today. On March 15th Da Hae arrived to China, in Lanzhou, for the first event for make up brand “Passionate Lover”. She wore an elegant red dress and black shoes. Her hair and make up were perfect as usual, and like yesterday at the airport, she smiled very brightly. Like I have already said, she looks really happy to be in China. She really likes there, and who knows, there might be a possibility for her to have a project of two! This has yet to be confirmed, so we can just wait for the next few months to find out. You will find more pictures of Da Hae under the cut and also some pictures of her arrival in Lanzhou last night. ❤ Waiting for tomorrow’s event as well. 🙂

Credits: weibo (tags on pictures)

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Lee Dong Wook at car show in Xinjiang – March 15

Hi ^^ as you know, today a car show was held in Xinjiang region, in China. Wookie attended the event early this morning China time, wearing a blue suit with red tie. He looked cheerful to stand in front of a lot of people who took a lot of pics, and he smiled a lot. 🙂 Not much to say about this because I have no idea what he was asked or what he answered, because my Korean skills are still poor. For the moment enjoy the pictures and the FanCam of him at the event. He should be back tomorrow in South Korea. ^^ You will find the pictures under the cut.

Credits: on the pictures, mostly weibo

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