Wookie’s variety of expressions for “Style Chosun”



Source: KingKongEnt Official Blog

Hello ^^ not only Da Hae pics today, also some from Wookie’s agency. Some images we have already seen from Style Chosun photoshoot, and some behind the scenes footage in addition to the ones we have got a few days ago. As usual, we can see how Wookie is able to portray a different variety of emotions while taking pictures for a pictorial. He can frown and smile in the span of a moment. I consider him a very good model, and this shoot is really cool! ❤

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Da Hae’s good morning selcas

Translation: Good Morning!

This morning our beautiful lady posted two selcas of her in bed ❤ she wished everyone good morning, and considering her fresh face, she must have spent a good night as well. 😉 She is pretty without make up on, I am envious.

Da Hae at Calvin Klein store opening – April 29


Annyeong ^^ today our Da Hae attended an event: she went to the opening of a Calvin Klein store in Cheongdam (Gangnam) in Seoul. She wore a long blue dress with a revealing back and golden sandals. I really love the sandals and her accessories, but I don’t like the dress. It’s her style, though, so I don’t find it weird. She is appearing more lately, and this is a good thing. Hopefully she is also considering a project to star in. ^^ ❤

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Hotel King DVD behind the scenes

Hello!!! Good news today. We got a few seconds worth of videos from the Hotel King DVD. As you may know, it came out twenty days ago in Japan, and so far nobody had said anything about its contents yet. Our Chinese chingus posted some moments captured from the episodes that I like the most, like the 26th and the 28th when Jae Wan and Mo Ne are on the swing. This footage shows greatly how much chemistry has our couple, and how much comfortable with each other they are! Whenever I look at them, I can only see a couple of lovebirds who will probably get married soon. Hope I’m not wrong! ❤

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Additional Wookie pics for Style Chosun

Hello 🙂 new pictures from Wookie’s photoshoot with Style Chosun were released. I think the ones above are behind the scenes images, while the ones under the cut are actual photoshoot images in addition to the ones I have posted two weeks ago. I really like this photoshoot. He looks so playful, and the clothes fit him, they are his style. I can’t wait to see the actual scans of this photoshoot, I wonder if there will be someone kind enough to post them somewhere sooner or later. For the moment, enjoy these. ❤ Continue reading “Additional Wookie pics for Style Chosun”

Wookie and his roommates out together

Hello!!! It seems like even though “Roommate” has ended last week, our roommates cannot bear to be separated. On what it looks like yesterday, most of the cast ate and drank together along with some of the crew members. Joon Park took a lot of pictures of them, you can check them out on his Instagram account @godjp. Naturally Wookie was there, and his hair were mostly blonde… he looked like a Korean version of Justin Bieber. O.O I don’t think these hair suits him well, but who knows, they could be for a project or to pass less unobseved – even though this last idea doesn’t seem right since he DOES NOT pass unobserved with that hair color, haha. I wonder if this dinner they had was their goodbye for each other since the show is off air and it didn’t have a party episode when it finished. I am sure they will keep seeing each other in a way, after all they are all famous and paths may be crossed easily. But I also think Wookie and everyone will miss each other because they had such a great fun filming together.

Happy Birthday, Da Hae! <3

Hello, how are you??? Today is Da Hae’s birthday! 😀 Yesterday she posted selcas of gifts she received from her fan club, Emerald. I hope that today she is having/had a great time with her family or friends or the people she loves (that we hope is who we think it is, hehe).  Today she turns 31 in normal age, and 32 in Korean age. On “My Girl”, while Yoorin and Gongchan prepare the cake for his aunt, YR says that she isn’t thinking about marriage yet and that she wants to wait until she is 32. At that time, Da Hae was only 22 years old and her character was young as well, so we couldn’t expect either of them to talk about this issue. But now that ten long years have passed since then and she talked with InStyle about weddings in 2014, could it be that there’s something going on that we will know soon?! Of course I am delusional, but it’s better to see the glass half full than half empty… 😉 I wish the best to Da Hae! ❤

Da Hae gets early birthday gifts

에메랄드.. 너무 감사해요 행복한 생일 보낼게요 사랑합니다..^^

Translation by me: Emerald… Many thanks for sending me birthday wishes, I love you.. ^^

And finally the day came! It’s still 18 April over here, though Da Hae has already received birthday gifts from her historical fan club “Emerald”. I’m so happy they are supporting her again. The support of a group of fans is really important in helping the person build their confidence more and more everyday. Fans can help a person go on despite criticism, and I hope they continue doing so for years and years. Da Hae looks very happy for the gifts she received and she looks grateful for the thought… it seems like her life is going on well, because I can’t see a sign of worry on her face. ^^ I just wish we will get news of a new project soon, fighting!

New Wookie pics from “PAT” + BTS


Hi ^^ new pictures today. Actually, these are not the only new images we have got this week but I am waiting for a better resolution of the other ones from Style Chosun, before posting them. PAT finally uploaded their Spring Summer 2015 Lookbook on their website, and finally we have all the styles from the collection Wookie is endorsing. There’s also a few behind the scenes pictures from the shooting they had in London last January, and our namja looks really happy to be there. They have released a BTS video not long ago from the photoshoot, I wonder if they will share more or that’s it. Enjoy ^^

Source: PAT Official Website

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Wookie says goodbye to “Roommate”


Translation by @wishbone26 on soompi: I want to thank my fellow ‘roommate family’ who have been through thick and thin with me for the past year and wish them all the best. I don’t know when we’ll able to meet together with this combination again. Know that I will always be rooting for you.

I would also like to thank the viewership of RM for their support as well as their criticism.

I am now going to back to my role as an actor. I look forward to meeting you through a good project.

I ask for your continued love and support of the entire Roommate family.

Hope that everyone is happy and healthy!

Hello, last Tuesday was “Roommate” last episode. I haven’t watched it, I just know they showed Wookie, Seho and Ryohei having exams done at the hospital and they tried to put everyone’s footage to say a decent goodbye to the show. The sad part is that they couldn’t film a proper farewell episode, but they took pics to remember this experience. Everyone left goodbye notes and naturally Wookie did as well. For him this experience was even more meaningful than the others because he had been in the show since last year when the first episode aired. RM helped us know him more and like him more. I have no idea if this oportunity will happen again, so at least I am grateful for this. I’ll be waiting for his next project!