Da Hae joins Instagram ^^

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Finally Da Hae has joined Instagram!!! It’s a joyous event since it has been a while since we all suggested her to create an account. Hopefully she did it because she wants to show more of herself around the web even though she is not working at the moment. Or perhaps she has made it because we will hear good news soon…? New project? New announcement? Let’s hope, yeah! ^^ She wrote that she had already created an account last week but she deleted it due to all the fakes with similar name out there, and that’s why today she created a brand new one and connected it to her Twitter, so we can be sure it’s 100% legit. Hope to see more pictures of her from now on! ❤


Da Hae enjoys cooking a lot


刚刚做完就迫不及待解决掉了的李多海牌糖醋香菇茄子!吃过的都说太~美味了!大家也照着食谱来做做看吧!还有我今天中午做的牛肉蔬菜卷和豆腐汤!都是我亲手做的哦!! 作为一名资深吃货,这点手艺还是需要有的~[色]

Translation by Google: Just finished could not wait to get rid of Lee Hae brand sweet and sour eggplant mushrooms! Say eaten too ~ delicious! Also according to recipes cut to the chase now! And I do today at noon rolls and tofu vegetable beef soup! All I personally do Oh !! As a senior food goods, this technology still need some ~

Hello ^^ Today our Da Hae has updated weibo again! She posted several pictures of a meal she was making, a tofu soup and other traditional foods of SK (or so I believe). She also posted the recipe and she looked very happy and giddy to show what she did, and I am sure she wished for each one of her fans to taste what she prepared. 🙂 I think someone is preparing for her big day, hehe! Sure, a woman can just love cooking. But you know, I think Da Hae has showed us more of her skills after HK last year, and we know who was with her there. 😉 We don’t have evidence yet, but who knows, the fact that she’s liking to be like a wife who cooks for her hubby could be a hint.

Under the cut there’s also another set of Da Hae pictures she posted when she got back from China last week. I haven’t had the time to post them because I have been on and off with my mind (haha). She posted these on May 21st.

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Wookie “PAT” event on May 15th

Hello ^^ as we hoped, good quality pictures of Wookie’s meet and greet with fans have been released by his agency. On those pictures his hair look blonder, and like I have already said twice, I do wonder if he dyed them for a future role. The hair are not my fave (the color) but they match very well  with the shirt and the jeans he is wearing. ❤

Source: KKE Blog

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Da Hae in China


Hello ^^ Earlier today I posed some pictures of Da Hae flying to China! She has arrived safely a couple of hours ago, and it looks like the event she attended for “Passional Lover” went well like the other two she did in March. Fans gave her flowers and presents when she arrived, she looked very happy to be there. She likes China very much and people love her as well because one of the things they appreciate the most about her besides her talent, is that she is able to speak a good Chinese, which is a hard language to study. I hoped for the press to release news about her being involved in a new project (because it could have been a Chinese one) but so far nothing yet. Maybe she is still reviewing offers and doesn’t want to make a come back with something she doesn’t deems worth of her time.

Credits: weibo, owner

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Da Hae and her effortless airport look


Google Translation: To Shanghai, the fans gave me this fruit,, how is it delicious?  What’s the name?

Hi ^^ Today we got new pics! As I have already mentioned, Da Hae was scheduled to go to Shanghai today, for Passional Lover brand event. She departed from Incheon Airport earlier this morning, wearing a casual but chic look. I prefer this kind of look compared to other of her airport attires, because is very simple yet the colors she has chosen match perfectly. I love her peach nailpolish! I believe Da Hae will also do a photoshoot or something like that for this brand, but I am not sure completely. Besides her airport pictures, Da Hae also updated her weibo and posted images of herself appreciating a fruit that her fans have donated her when she arrived. ❤

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Wookie FM with PAT – May 15th

Credit: PAT Official Facebook Page

Hello! Sorry for the delay in posting these pictures, but it was a busy day. Yesterday morning in Seoul, PAT hosted a fan signing for Wookie. He would sign pictures and meet fans while sponsorizing the brand. A lot of fans from across the country and world came to see him! Not only people from Korea, but also from various parts of the world came to meet Wookie. I think there weren’t allowed many pictures, this is why we only got some when he came out of PAT store. He was wearing a red shirt that suits him, but it would have suit him better if he had his natural hair color. 😛 Apparently I heard he dyed the hair of this caramel color because he likes them like this, but it is possible he is going to have a new project soon and this is the reason why he has done this. In any case, fighting! ❤

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Da Hae looking happy flying back home


Translation by Google: I returned to the road in Guangzhou, South Korea, thank you Shunvfang this time I shot very happily! Goodbye Guangzhou! [Hee hee] [hee hee] [ha ha] ~ ~ The last one is the scene to take pictures!

Hello ^^ this has been quite an eventless week until today, when uri agasshi Da Hae finally posted some new pictures on her weibo. She looks relaxed and happy, thankfully. After the storm that has happened a few days ago, I worried she might take her time to update her SNS again. But here she is, working again. She went to China a couple of days ago for Shunvfang’s next season’s photoshoot. Her arrival was quiet (probably due to the latest news) but after all was cleared, she probably decided to write a post. She said goodbye to Guangzhou, and that she was getting back home. She will, however, return to China on May 20th for another event for Passional Lover, the make up brand that she is sponsoring and for which she also attended an event last March. Who knows, we may get news when this will happen. Most of the sites talking about her recently said that she is reviewing projects, but so far nothing yet. We should just wait and hope. ❤

Da Hae loves to arrange flowers

Today Da Hae’s cody put two pictures of our girl arranging flowers for her, since the other day was her birthday. She was grateful Da Hae put such effort for her. She has been into flower arranging lately, as we saw a couple of months ago on her weibo. I have no idea how old are these pictures, but probably from not long ago considering Da Hae is dressed kinda spring-y and like I said, cody’s birthday was a few days ago. Speaking of Da Hae again, I think it is almost sure that she is going to China again on this following week. She will go to either promote or do photo shoots for one of her endorsements there. Can’t wait for new pics. ^^

May 2015 Donghae Calendar

Click on the picture for the full resolution 🙂


It’s that time of the month already! ^^ A new calendar with Donghae pictures for you, this time the images I have used are taken from the bloopers of Hotel King’s DVD. This is one of my favorite scenes, after Jae Wan and Mo Ne get soaked in the fountain and enjoy a cup of milk on the swing. This scene was mostly ad-libbed (it wasn’t on the actual script), and this makes it more special because we can see how comfortable these two are with each other. ❤ If they are not a couple in real life, this footage shows how they are super good at pretending to be one… right? eheheh. 😉