Da Hae goes to China – June 22/23

Hello ^^ Da Hae let us know that she went to China again! This time she went there for the big opening of a 7 Star Hotel Dongli Lake Hengda. She looked cheerful and she said that everytime she visits the country, she eats a lot of food, in fact she posted pictures of herself while eating some sweets. ❤ Could it be that she went there for something else again? Naturally, it can be usual for her to go for a routine event, many stars do it. But a part of me hopes that she also went there for a contract or something. Who knows. 🙂

Check out more pics of the event under the cut ^^
Credit: weibo

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Da Hae at the flowers’ market + other updates

11429618_1585644361709553_1681663651_n새벽 꽃시장 ~ 왜케 이쁜 꽃이 많은건지~ ㅋㅋ 다 가지고 오고싶었음….

Translation by Google: Dawn wanted to bring flowers at the flower market waeke pretty much what this is …. Well ~ ㅋㅋ

Da Hae updated both her Instagram and weibo account with pictures of her at the flowers’ market. She really loves flowers, huh! Or perhaps she is choosing them for a special event? She looks happy in the picture, and finally she gave us another peak at what she is currently doing despite she is not working on a new project yet. A few days ago she challenged herself with the belly button test. It is a test someone made to check if you should lose fat or not. If you can touch your belly button with your hand after you passed it behind your back, then you are fit. Well, we had no doubt Da Hae was. ^^ But she would be cool even if she couldn’t do so.

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“The Beauty Inside” Movie Updates

Do you recall that Wookie has filmed his role in a movie a few months ago? Well, it seems that it will come out this summer in Korea (July). This movie is called “The Beauty Inside”, and it is about a person who wakes up as a male or a female every day, basically he/she wakes up in different bodies. The main female protagonist, played by Han Hyo Joo, will fall in love with the main character called Woo Jin, despite he/she changes body. Woo Jin is played by several Korean actors and actresses of various ages. You can read this old post of the blog to know more about the other stars of the movie. Wookie will play one of the Woo Jin’s. We already saw a still image of him a while ago, and now movie posters have been released as well as a behind the scenes video. This is the first time I believe such a big cast of important actors has been in a movie. Hopefully the story won’t be confused and have a happy end. Looking forward to it!

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Da Hae keeps fit and cooks food for her friends

Hello!!! How are you??? I know I should had updated way before today, but I just couldn’t. While I was busy, our Da Hae posted new pictures on social networks. Last week she showed us her gym attire through her Instagram, she was working out again. I bet it is because she said once that she wants to eat a lot, and this is why she has to work out to keep her figure after eating a good meal. ^^ Then she showed us some dishes prepared by her on May 31st. They are most likely arranged for her friends and they look yummy! ❤
Last night she updated her Instagram again and posted a picture of her biking by the Han River at night. She looked very happy, I wonder if she was with someone, eheheh. Show us more pictures, Da Hae-shi! ^^

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