Night bike stroll and a new haircut for Da Hae ^^

Da Hae is updating her Instagram account frequently after she has created it. ^^ She’s posted pics of plants and flowers, which I think she really loves, and these last few days she showed us a picture of her new haircut. She got bangs, and she’s good with them because she can put them on the sides if she wants. 🙂 To keep fit, she also bikes. Probably she goes biking at night because the weather is cooler, and this way she may do sport in peace without people bugging her. And who knows, perhaps because at night she can go out with people and avoid to be spotted! kkkk. I always hope these little changes could mean new projects offer she is reviewing. ❤


Lee Dong Wook attends Jin Tae Hyun’s wedding

Hi guys! Today Wookie attended Jin Tae Hyun and Park Si Eun’s wedding in Cheongdam-dong. I bet you can’t forget about JTH, because he played Jae Wan’s brother Roman Lee on “Hotel King” last year. It is great to see Wookie attend the wedding because the two have been friends ever since they acted together. I do wonder, though, if Da Hae was also invited. I bet that if she was invited as well, she would either not go, or go undercover so that the press won’t see her.

New Still and main trailer for “Beauty Inside” #뷰티인사이드

They released a new trailer for “Beauty Inside”, the movie where Wookie and lots of Korean actors and actresses are starring. Due to MERS, they pushed the release date to August 20th. Wookie appears for a few seconds on this video, but he doesn’t have a big part since a lot of people are involed, but it’s still cool.

Check out a still from the movie under the cut.

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A lot of Wookie news!

Hi! Long time no see! We finally got some news. ^^ Wookie will have a new fan meeting in Japan. He will go to Nagoya on October 2nd, and he is greeting his fans on this short video. You can already order the tickets to the event but I can’t find the link right now.

But this is not the only news we have today!  Wookie has been offered a new drama role, which is even better. According to various sources, he has been offered the lead role for a drama by tvN set to air in December after “Cheese in the trap”. This project has the working title of “Bubblegum“, and if Wookie accepts, he will play an oriental doctor. The drama sounds a bit medical, and it will follow the lives of four different people. Actress Jung Ryeo Won has been offered the main female role, and if she accepts, she will reunite with Wookie after 13 years (they already did a drama together when they started their acting career). At the moment we don’t know for sure whether or not he will accept, but he is “positively considering” it. 😀

Last but not last, today OSEN reported that Wookie will also be the MC at “Seoul Drama Awards” with Kim Jong Un. The awards are set to air in September. ❤  Lots of things to look forward to!

Da Hae is ready for the Fall in this Shunvfang shoot

201507010604523998Hello chingus! About a month ago, Da Hae went to China to take photos for Shunvfang‘s Fall 2015 collection. If you recall, she also posted some pictures of her at the airport and at the shoot, but the pictures came out the other day.

According to the news about new collection, the theme is catching dreams. We also see Da Hae with a dream catcher on one of the pictures. The main element are prints, especially geometrical forms who give a mystic touch of surreal, a dreamy touch. The inspiration is exotic countries such as India, with their magic cultures and particular patterns that make a woman trendy in a retro chic look.

I have always liked Shunvfang’s collections, and I also like what I have seen so far from this one. I am guessing we will get more pictures as Summer ends. ❤

Credits: Shunvfang Official Website, weibo

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