Lee Da Hae latest cute selcas

Da Hae has been updating her Instagram and weibo accounts lately, showing how she is doing. She showed us her new haircut and hair color (a bit lighter than her previous one) and her hobbies, like arranging flowers and now what it looks like plants as well. ❤ One time she also had a car selca because she was driving long distance… I wonder where she is going, hehe. Hoping to hear from her very soon, perhaps with the confirmation she will be in that new Chinese drama. ^^


“Beauty Inside” Stage Greetings

On August 29th Wookie and the Director of the movie “Beauty Inside” were at Kintex, Megabox Point in Gyeonggi-do, Goyang. They presented the movie and there was a sort of small fan meeting but not like the previous time when there were people invited on stage. Wookie looked like a hip hop star and you can tell he has grown muscles! This is cool, because it means when he will be on his new drama “Bugglegum” airing at the end of October on tvN, he may have shirtless scenes. HIHIHI, cannot wait. ❤

Wookie and Seho for Cosmopolitan


A few days ago, some pictures of the latest Cosmopolitan spread featuring Wookie and Seho were released. They portray a couple of friends, on screen and in real life of course, pictured in various moments. They are stylish, they are chic, they eat together. You can tell they really have chemistry with each other from the pics. ❤ I haven’t seen scans of this magazine yet online, but I will post them once and if they will be available. For now enjoy these. 🙂

credit: Lee Dong Wook Official FB Page

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Wookie for PAT F/W 2015 Campaign


Wookie’s endorsement with PAT continue as he stars in their Fall/Winter 2015 Campaign with actress Yoo In Yung, who we saw on the recent kdrama “Mask” (that I enjoyed a lot). Compared to the first batch of pictures from the SS Campaign that were done in front of a simple neutral backdrop, these ones are set in an old villa that recalls the ones in Italy. The theme is in fact “Roman Holiday”, like the movie with Audrey Hepburn who goes on a Vespa in Rome with Gregory Peck. The scenario is very Italian, and I say it as an Italian person. XD There’s also Wookie on a scooter, but it doesn’t look like a Vespa… Whatever. The concept is there and the pictures are better than the past campaign. I wonder if Wookie’s contract is up in 2016 or that he will be their model next year too. In every case, we will find out only by living. I am sure more pictures will come soon once the official PAT website will update with the Autumn outfits.

Credits: PAT Official Facebook Page

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Lee Dong Wook will appear on Running Man!

credit: @bjinkyoung on IG
credit: @bjinkyoung on IG

Today was reported that Wookie will appear on Running Man once again! His last appearance was a long time ago, I think in 2013 or 2012. This time he will be guest on the show with Park Seo Joon and Girl’s Day Yura. They have filmed today in Seoul Mapo District and a lot of people watched them film and posted pictures and short videos on Instagram. 🙂  I don’t know when this episode will air, but considering Wookie will be on a new drama soon, probably around that time, I guess? Can’t wait!!! ❤

VIDEOS: #1 #2#3 –  #4#5

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Da Hae possibly starring in a new drama

1554506_213357575522483_838810382_nVarious sources have reported that Da Hae is finally positively considering a new drama! It is a Korean – Chinese production that will start filming this August and will air in China in November. The drama is called “The Couple of the Century” (working title) and if Da Hae accepts, she will be playing an actress who has to get married within three months to fulfill her father’s wish. We don’t know yet who will be the male protagonist, if he will be a Chinese actor or Korean (but I believe Chinese).  If I have to tell you my opinion, I love these kind of dramas where the main leads have to get married because of external reasons and then they grow to love each other. So I hope she accepts this, since she took a bit of time to review various project that have been offered to her. Perhaps this is a good one. ^^ Oh, and what a coincidence too! One week ago we had the confirmation that Wookie will star in a new drama called “Bubblegum” that will air from October 26 on tvN. Now we got that Da Hae is also considering an offer… They are working at the same time! Of course it is super best for them to do so, but couldn’t it be because this way when they finish their dramas, they can be free from work together at the same time? ❤ What do you think?

“Beauty Inside” Press Con – August 3rd


With its close release, some of the cast of “Beauty Inside” sat together at Seoul National University in Hwayang-dong Gwangjin-gu this afternoon, for a showcase of the movie. With Wookie, there were his fellow KKE friend Yoo Yeon Sook, the main lead actress Han Hyo Joo, Park Seo Joon, and Lee Chun Woo. This press conference was ‘interactive’ because some fans went on stage and could hug Wookie and YYS. They looked really happy, and I would be as well if I were to touch my favorite kdrama oppa! 😛 The movie is set to be released in South Korean on August 20th, and I wish for it to do well!

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