New teasers for Wookie’s upcoming drama “Bubblegum”

Hi all ^^ tVN released three short trailers for “Bubblegum”, Wookie’s new drama. It will air on October 26th (Monday) and I saw they started filming a few days ago. They gave us this footage to show us the relationship between Park Ri Hwan (played by Wookie) and Kim Haeng Ah (Jung Ryeo Won). These two have been friends since childhood and according to soompi’s article, they question themselves if they should become lovers or not. They try to do things a couple would do naturally, like going to a motel or eat ice cream together, but things are awkward between them that it seems they won’t ever be able to take their friendship to the next level. We will see what happens! New trailers will air soon. ā¤ ^^
The drama also has an official page, click H E R E to like it for more pictures and videos.

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PAT bts of the new F/W collection 2015/16

A new video and new pictures featuring our Wookie ā¤

PAT posted footage of him and actress Yoo In Yeong for their Fall/Winter 2015 Campaign. The theme is “Roman Holiday”, and protagonists of the shoot are also Vespas, gelatos, fountains and anything which reminds of Italy. Wookie looks comfortable and it is cool that he is still the face of this brand, it is always important to endorse something in your career. šŸ™‚ Go behind the cut for the behind the scenes pictures!

source: PAT Official Facebook, KingKongENT Naver Blog

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Seoul International Drama Awards – September 10th


Hello ^^
As previously reported, Wookie was the MC for the Seoul International Drama Awards! The Awards took place yesterday, September 10th, and Wookie walked the red carpet with his MC partner Kim Jong Un. He wore a simple and classic black tuxedo with bowtie, and a pair of eccentric shoes. I haven’t watched any videos of the event, but I am confident of Wookie’s good MC abilities. It would be awesome if he were to put those to use once again for a show like Strong Heart. ā¤ Wookie’s agency, KingKongEnt, posted a short behind the scenes video of him rehearsing for the show on their official Instagram account. šŸ™‚

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“Running Man” Episode 263 featuring Lee Dong Wook

Finally it’s here! Here’s the subbed episode for “Running Man” Episode 263 where Wookie, Girl’s Day Yura and Park Seo Joon were the guests. I haven’t watched the video yet, but from what I read about this, Wookie doesn’t have a big part because they focused more on the idols. Anyway, it’s important that he guested again after a long, long, time! Enjoy. ā¤

Da Hae learns how to golf

A few days ago our Da Hae went golfing! She was pretty in her sport outfit but I wish she would eat more because she will become prettier. ā¤ She is spending her time doing what she loves now that Summer is ending. Da Hae, we are still waiting for that confirmation for that drama, eh! Tell us about it soon because we can’t wait to find out whether you accepted or not (but I hope you did). šŸ™‚

Script Reading for Kdrama “Bubblegum”


Hello! Today the script reading for Wookie’s new drama “Bubblegum” happened. He and his female lead Jung Ryeo Won, sat down with the other members of the cast to read the script with the press. Later, they posed for cameras and they looked really happy. Wookie and JRW already know each other and IĀ  believe they are at a comfortable friendship level. It is just a picture but I can tell there is no tension whatsoever between them and this is a positive thing already, because it contributes to the good filming of the drama. In the cast there is also Bae Jong Ok that was one of Wookie’s roommates on “Roommate” since few months ago. I wonder if she will play somebody’s mother or another character. I can’t wait for this drama to air and I hope so are you! I am confident the product will be worth the wait. ^^