Da Hae preps for her new drama

Hello guys ^^
As you know, Da Hae is preparing and probably already started/is about to start filming her new drama “Century Couple”. Thanks to PD Koh Dae Hwa, we got some pictures of our girl during the good luck ceremony they did to wish the drama to have success. The male lead Zhou Mi and other members of the cast were also there. I think that this happened during DH’s stay in China, because yesterday she posted a picture on her Instagram where she looks like she’s on a plane and seems tired. From some sources I gathered that this drama will be filmed at Alpensia resort, which is the same location as “Hotel King”. I wish this info is sure, because, AH! So cool! I know Da Hae will put her best effort to be in the drama, as usual. I hope fans will support her work and that more people will start to see her talent. I wonder if she can get her popularity spot back like in the highest years of her career, after “My Girl”. Da Hae-shi, fighting! ❀

credits: Koh Dae Hwa’s Instagram, Da Hae’s Instagram



Wookie at “Bubblegum” Press Conference


Annyong ^^ Today in Korea, the cast of “Bubblegum” posed for pictures together at the Press Conference. Wookie was accompained by his drama partner Jung Ryeo Won, Lee Jong Hyuk, Park Hee Won and Bae Jong Ok. They posed for cute pictures and showed they are tight as a cast! Wookie was hugged by the three females and smiled all the way. ❀ I can’t wait to see how this drama will start off on October 26th, I cross my fingers it will be a success. πŸ™‚

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Da Hae at Xinjiang Motorshow – October 15th

705dfdacjw1ex31e9tw2xj20k00zkdj4Da Hae made a trip to China and precisely in Urumqi city, to attend the new edition of the Xinjiang Motorshow, the event who gathers cars lovers and that usually invites famous celebrities over to promote the sale of brand new cars. This year in March it was Wookie who attended… hehe. Da Hae was acclaimed by a lot of fans and looked very casual when she arrived, but her look is chic. ❀ She wore a simple black dress for the event, and her make up was light too. She often loves simple make up to show off her natural beauty, and she looked really happy! She will soon start filming for the new drama, “Couple of the Century”. No idea in which city it will be made, whether in China or Korea. Perhaps in both, since the production is mixed. Besides the pictures of the Motorshow, there is also an image posted by the PD of the drama with Da Hae and Zhou Mi, who will act alongside her on the drama. ❀

Source: leedahae001 weibo, Da Hae’s IG, θ·ε‘˜ζœˆθ‰²Sandy (where you can also check some videos of her arrival)

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BTS of the first days of “Bubblegum” filming

tvN’s Official Youtube Channel has released some behind the scenes footage of Wookie and actress Jung Ryeo Won while they filmed the scenes for the teasers they released a couple of weeks ago. We see Wookie with various outfits that I like are mostly blue and light blue (best color on him!). He and his drama partner try the hilarious scenes of their characters who are trying to test if they can date as a couple after they have been friends for several years, but the results are not what they expect. This drama will premiere on October 26th, which is so close!!!

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Da Hae confirms “Couple of the Century” drama role

7Acp6tOIt’s finally official! Da Hae will be the leading actress of the upcoming Chinese-Korean drama called “Couple of the Century”, which I already posted about a while ago. She will play a top actress named Choi Hwan Yeong who is the heiress of a fashion company who was also an idol singer. This will mean we may hear her sing? πŸ˜‰ We heard her sing to our Wookie on “My Girl” and on other occasions such as Mnet Festival a lot of years ago. Who knows, she may lend her voice to the OST of this drama. Alongside Da Hae, Super Junior M member Zhoumi has been casted (there is yet an official confirmation) as the male lead. He and Da Hae’s character will have to go through a contract marriage to benefit their careers. She will find true love and probably try to resolve her trust issues towards others in the process.

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Wookie’s Fan Meeting in Japan


Hello everyone πŸ™‚ Long time, no see. This is due to my work schedule… I haven’t been able to update you guys, but know that I am still here gathering news for you. When Wookie’s drama will start at the end of the month, I will likely write reviews or recaps for it like I did with “Blade Man”. ❀

Our Wookie has held another successful fan meeting in Japan at the beginning of this month, specificially on October 2nd. He was in Nagoya, and he spent a couple of hours with a lot of fans of different ages. πŸ™‚ Dong Wook’s fans could also join in on stage to play games with him, and perhaps he also ‘celebrated’ his upcoming birthday with them, considering the picture where he is blowing some candles. ❀

Source of the pics: KingKongENT blog

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