Bubblegum Kdrama Episodes 1-4


Hello everyone!!!
It’s Friday so I assume many of you are happy because it’s the weekend… I also can dedicate time to my hobbies, and this is why I finally started Wookie’s on air drama “Bubblegum”, that you can find legally on dramafever.com.
It took me so long to finally watch it because I wanted a few episodes to air already. They are at episode 8, and next Monday and Tuesday new episodes are gonna be aired. When it started, a few weeks ago, I looked online for people’s comments about this and found that some thought it was similar to Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook’s drama “The time we weren’t in love”, which aired this summer on SBS. However, after I checked myself, I can say that is nothing like that despite the themes are really similar. It is hard to find original thematic nowadays, perhaps we should just select things to watch so that we won’t be annoyed when what they treat looks unoriginal.
In this post I won’t try to spoil too much but know that I will say things about the drama. If you want to watch it when it ends, you better avoid this. 😉

Park Ri Hwan (Wookie) and Kim Haeng Ah (Jung Ryeo Won) have been friends since childhood. She is a PD at a radio station and he is an herbal doctor. Haeng Ah was taken into the Park household because both of her parents died, but Ri Hwan’s mom (Bae Jong Ok) only keeps appearances in front of her because she doesn’t want the woman to be involved with her son. Yet Ri Hwan cares very much for Haeng Ah, who tries not to make him bother too much even after she breaks up with her secret boyfriend and senior Kang Seok Jon (Lee Jong Hyuk). Haeng Ah tries to live quietly around her old friend, because Ri Hwan’s mother wants to set him up with a rich chaebol woman, Hong Yi Seul (Park Hee Bom), and doesn’t want her or other to misinterpret the relationship between Haeng Ah and her son.

I like the chemistry between Wookie and JRW. They really look like old friends and comfortable around each other. Ri Hwan’s character acts like a grown up kid around Haeng Ah, and has a bit of a temper when he finds out who her ex boyfriend is. He is very impulsive, and made me shake my head several times in these first four episodes! Nonetheless, Wookie is cute and handsome, and his character is soon forgiven because of what he does. So far his involvement with Haeng Ah convinces me. It is when he realizes his old chingu has been seeing somebody else who broke her heart that makes him realize that he is surpassing the “friendzone”. On Episode 3 he arrives to try to stop her from interacting with her ex at the radio station, by making the fire alarm go off. For I moment there, I saw Hong Bin from his drama “Blade Man” and one of his moment of craziness, haha. I can’t still completely see HA and RH as a couple because they have this strong brotherly bond going on that at times happens to make them look like an old married couple. After they share a kiss, Ri Hwan seems to understand his heart, but it will probably take a while for Haeng Ah to do the same, considering she still has lingering feelings for her hot sunbae. FUNNY fact about Lee Jong Hyuk, who plays this character: he and the DJ of the radio program Haeng Ah produces, were a married couple on the drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, which is one of my favorites ever. I realized this just after I saw the cast, daebak! It would be kind of cool if they ended up together here too!

Back to Wookie, his character’s story with Yi Seul doesn’t look bad either. This woman is more shy and reserved than Haeng Ah. Her mother has been brainwashed her a bit that she believes she is too fat (which she is not). Now she is a bit unsure about her appearance, but when she meets Ri Hwan, things start to change. Ri Hwan is a positive and open-minded man who doesn’t seem to chastise people for their appearance. He is kind to Yi Seul but what they have cannot be called infatuation nor love, at least on his side. He is good to this woman, doesn’t want to offend her feelings, but when it comes to his friend Ji Hoon or Haeng Ah, he is ready to run to them. I think Yi Seul is ready for multiple delusions, the first of them being witnessing Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah kiss to fake they are in a relationship in front of Seok Joon. I wonder how she will confront Ri Hwan about it, since they are being set up in order to marry (even though the marriage is not forced unlike other cases).

A thing that I like on this drama is the music. You can hear english music among the Korean tones, and I love when they do this. There’s a lot of foreign fans out there and they can reach easily to them with music in a language talked worldwide.

I also like the kid and teen actors who play the roles of Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah. Since we don’t have time for all the back story thrown here and there as a flashback, the writer was smart to put these memories of the couple at the end of each episode. Usually there’s some object or phrase that introduces what is going to close the episode, to give more meaning to it. The funny thing is that these actors portraying our old characters, are dressed exactly like them in the present! It’s like seeing a doppelgänger from the past.

I want to close this review by suggesting you all romantic comedy lovers watch this drama. It is the classic story of two best friends slowly realizing that they have had feelings for each other forever, and how they approach them in order not to eff up their relationship in the process. It is simple and amusing, it makes you laugh, and think. And you will see Wookie with many interesting and colorful outfits (which are my favorite).


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