Da Hae for Star1 Magazine


So long since Da Hae’s last pictorial, and finally it arrived a new one! She is posing for the popular mag “Star1”, and looks like besides for her porcelain appearance, the attraction is the lipstick gloss by HERA, which is one of the top Korean cosmetic brands. Star1 also did an interview with her, but sadly it is translated from Google so it may not be 100% accurate. Too bad I don’t know anybody who is able to translate Korean… T__T
It is a pleasure to see her doing pictorials again. I wonder if she is going to be a sponsor for this brand, or it’s just for the photoshoot. She also endorses “Passional Lover” in China, and perhaps the two things may be too controversial if she endorsed them together… I don’t know.  Her new drama, “Best Lovers”, is set to air soon. Can’t wait! ❤ Enjoy more pictures and an interview under the cut.

Source: star1 official website

Q is a long time. How have you been?
▲ China Hunan Satellite TV <Best Couple> How are you busy with yo shooting. China was continuing drama called South Korea to South Korea to shoot in the country fans can not show your face will feel deuriji often referred to as a long time. Before doing itdapnida still hard.

Q If the Chinese drama actress How was breathing with China.
▲ Chinese drama is not the first time, or did so awkwardly unfamiliar camp. Shooting well as ease the domestic drama had been able to work for you for another fun wonak everyone well.

Q In particular, the coupling of smoke and seasoning of Super Junior M is expected.
▲ friendly places two years old than me, pure and downed nice of you. Dwaeseo one meal of rice sister’m sorry you did not do that yet need to use properly. Seasoning is right, but I’m young, mature and respectful friend. In addition shave in Easygoing atmosphere, on the other hand, the set makers still reign also done toktokhi.

Q burden on Korea-China joint venture eopeotna drama.
▲ I wonak pyeonyira that China actively activity largely did Jean feel a burden. For me I’m not a Chinese national drama drama or big difference. I usually like to activity in China it was very enjoyable I’ve taken another is preferred.

Q is such that the positive mind because it seems more yeppeojineun deulsurok age.
Is it ▲? Thank you.

Q’ll enormous shift in thorough self-management?
It’s a steady hand to manage his diet and exercise news because they can afford to ▲ When the shooting starts. It looked a little habit of eating wonak a long time now I think this camp is really small amounts.

Q eat a lot of years somehow it does not seem to be steaming constitution.
▲ I’m not steaming flesh constitution. Another well-steaming flesh yes I think neither the constitution. But I’d know how big this ‘happy foods’. That’s what happiness really can not give up. I’m just goes.

Q great. I also overheard decent work arrangements Ascent the SNS.
▲ Oh, I’m not. -Class is not really quiet. Just a hobby that’s enough. You look at the flowers not feel like it. So I came home and getting flowers for complacency just going to class.


Q What particularly likes the flowers.
▲ am white flowers. White flowers around the downed good to be true. I especially liked the wo Kara. I like also Gypsophila elegans.

Q emotion than girls yeojeonhanga. If you have another hobby?
John ▲ golf. The learning golf these days, it’s fun. Well, not yet inde gun hitting hard learning phase exercise is a good stress downed loose. It’s not even the usual side dishes to enjoy. 3-4 times to eat my own cooking rice in a week. Our managers quiet meal, I often patronize.

Q is amazing. Which one to cook well.
▲ What kinds of soup or galbijjim, bokeumtang chicken, seasoned rice cake extent? The food is delicious rice cake I coy difficult flavor of the sauce. Before I’d learned on the basis of various experiences. Hahaha.

Q cool. Also look at the SNS to keep eye is on his way to a stylish make-up.
▲ downed before bouncing slightly strange looks good when the color is rather ordinary color lip makeup. John is even higher color saturation. Anyone would like to blend rather vivid color and slightly bolder colors than those colors that looks right at me strangely well. I wear?

Q than focusing on one lip makeup.
▲ In fact, I skin makeup, professional makeup smearing lipstick’re better than those who side. So I am making a rather focus on lipstick color. John just go home so awful lot more than other cosmetic lipstick.
Q Now, I would like to ask about the upcoming new 2016. Also, if you want to challenge this role.
▲ What I want to try next year, challenging the entertainment program rather than any genre or role. It only works focused activities ahswiwoyo I thought I did not have many opportunities to show the appearance of the human yidahae.

Q Oh, I want to see often in the entertainment program. Do you have a recent favorite this procedure.
▲ Mnet ditch seen <frozen Pretty rap star 2> really fun. Song, singing along, cheering those who also starred as I watched while I also enjoy while another strain.

Unfortunately, if you point at the end of Q 2015 years?
▲ priority is to eat a more age still really too bad. haha. MBC <Hotel King> I think I’ll look could tell a lot of fans in Korea after a little ahswiwoyo.


Q Was any harm yidahae year.
▲ I think that was the year that can be charged to the shout. Resting comfortably, I travel a lot, and thought that was the time to do much.

Q Do you just want to achieve the goal for next year?
Oh ▲ going to China and Korea and also several works also want to look good while balance will show activity.


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