Da Hae attends Gentle Monster Show


Today Februray 25th, Da Hae and several celebrities attende the Gentle Monster Show in Mullae-dong, Yeongdeungpo. The show presented various items of the new collection. Their sunglasses are to die for. ❤ Da Hae’s model is awesome, but why does she look too serious? Perhaps she is tired because she just returned from Dubai to film “Running Man”. Rest well, Da Hae-shi. ❤
source: BNT, newsen

d913844e716f9787e3a603dd423a16b1 201602251829774818_56cec99a9cb75 c8bceec683fe0b07a1942582d13439e5 201602251827778139_56cec912f4040 201602251825412710_1 960d059f9e4db357a8c15fc409b85da2 4419bbf6e0aee3a29f2560e243f2a46b 2a5e9211d32d36d9fb45c9c291185a0a 201602251822022710_1 314356ed66eb2f2c44ea6909daed8cee 201602251824302710_1 53aafc49d61f17ae275075a0f963caec 03e4e79c4ded094f63bcbc76b0ce71ae 05b0f35573011efcaf29012c328d7426


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