Da Hae travels to China – April 30th


Hi there! Finally I have some time to update. We have good news on Da Hae’s side. ^^ She went twice to China in April, one time for cosmetic brand ANYA, that she sponsors, and yesterday the 30th for other business. It was revealed that she accepted another Chinese Drama, and it could be related to that. This makes very happy, and Chinese press looks happy about Da Hae’s love and care for their country. They are appreciating her talent, and I renew my enjoyment for a final airing date for “Best Couple” (or Best Marriage or how they ended up deciding to call the drama hehe), because it will air on May 31th! The future drama will be title “My Goddess, My Mother”, alongside Chinese actress Jin Xing (金星). The translation of the article from Chinese is very sketchy, but I figured it’s another marriage plot where contradictions and misunderstandings will put themselves in the way of Da Hae’s character, who I got will be portrayed as South Korean and won’t be easily accepted by the future mother in law who believes strongly in tradition and would want her son to marry a Chinese woman. I hope we will get more news in the future. For now, we just know that it will probably air in early 2017.
SOURCES: newsen.com, ent.sina.com.cn

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