Wookie posing for “Men’s Uno”


Hello everybody!! Hope you had a pleasant Christmas and you will spend New Year’s Eve good as well. I didn’t disappear, I just had stuff to do and couldn’t concentrate on the blog, that is all. I haven’t forgotten any of you and nor did I forgot Wookie and Da Hae. Last week I finished “Bubblegum” and I think I should post my review here as well, besides than on my personal blog. Today Wookie’s official Facebook posted a new photoshoot that a Chinese magazine published mostly in Hong Hong, Taiwan, Malesya, that is Men’s Uno, did with him for the January 2016 issue. It is titled Dark Fairytale, and Wookie looks like a guy with a bad past on the pics, eheh. A bad guy but also good with “provocative” and “arousing” eyes. Dark blue is the color that suits him the most when he wears a suit. Check under the cut for more pictures and a behind the scenes video. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Da Hae “Best Couple” Still Images


Source: alibaba weibo

Da Hae has been busy filming for her new drama and the production released some still images of her and her co-star Zhou Mi getting married. DH’s dress is very simple, but it makes her look like a princess. She and her TV husband pose for pictures in cocktail dresses as well, but knowing the plot, I assume Da Hae’s character isn’t really happy to do this, since the wedding is something she must do to please her family and not for herself. I really love her hairstyle and make up. โค Maybe more pictures will be published, since the drama is set to premiere next month. Da Hae is posting pictures of the set as well, and you can see them under the cut. ๐Ÿ™‚ Looks like she’s having fun, and that is important!

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Wookie celebrating his birthday


As usual Wookie’s agency KingKongENT never fails to show us what our favorite actor is doing. ๐Ÿ™‚ They posted a video and some pictures of him with the gifts he has received from his fans all over the world. He is very loved, and I hope he knows . Each year all of his supporters send him a lot of various things, but they like to send him food the most, after he got thinnier during “Hotel King”. He has a big apetite, and I bet he enjoyed it all. โค I wonder if he also got home made cake from his loved ones, other than the cake the cast of “Bubblegum” gifted him. Last year he was also on set when his birthday occurred, hehe. I can only wish him happy birthday again, with the hope that this year is good for him. โค โค โค

Source: LDW Official Facebook Page

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Da Hae “Couple of the Century” filming

10549833_1512750245710067_84266049_nGood evening, guys and girls!
I was home this afternoon so after a few hours of study, I thought it was about time to update with new material. ^^ Remember that this blog also has a FACEBOOK Page where I post screencaps and other pictures I may post here a few days later. Check it out!
Getting back to us, Da Hae has been busy filming for her new drama “Couple of the Century” (also called Best Couple or Century Couple). For now they have taken pictures and are started filming a few scenes. The PD shared some images, and on one we see Da Hae with rather funny hair ๐Ÿ˜€ she looks like she is channelling one of those aunties of province with perfect nails. She reminds me of when her character on “My Girl” went on the mountains of Gangwon-do with Gong Chan, and the people of the small village lent some clothes like that to them. This drama should be also filmed around there… But as you can see, she has a trasformation soon after and she becomes the chic heiress her character is supposed to be on the drama. โค I wonder if that is the past, because I reckon that the main couple has been friends since childhood but then she rose to stardom, or it’s a filming in the filming, since DH plays an actress… I have no idea. The PD praised Da Hae on his Instagram, writing that she is the rom com queen. โค Can’t wait to watch this! Fighting!

source: Lee Da Hae baidu bar, weibo, Dae Hwa Koh Instagram

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Wookie’s variety of expressions for “Style Chosun”



Source: KingKongEnt Official Blog

Hello ^^ not only Da Hae pics today, also some from Wookie’s agency. Some images we have already seen from Style Chosun photoshoot, and some behind the scenes footage in addition to the ones we have got a few days ago. As usual, we can see how Wookie is able to portray a different variety of emotions while taking pictures for a pictorial. He can frown and smile in the span of a moment. I consider him a very good model, and this shoot is really cool! โค

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Hotel King DVD behind the scenes

Hello!!! Good news today. We got a few seconds worth of videos from the Hotel King DVD. As you may know, it came out twenty days ago in Japan, and so far nobody had said anything about its contents yet. Our Chinese chingus posted some moments captured from the episodes that I like the most, like the 26th and the 28th when Jae Wan and Mo Ne are on the swing. This footage shows greatly how much chemistry has our couple, and how much comfortable with each other they are! Whenever I look at them, I can only see a couple of lovebirds who will probably get married soon. Hope I’m not wrong! โค

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New Wookie pics from “PAT” + BTS


Hi ^^ new pictures today. Actually, these are not the only new images we have got this week but I am waiting for a better resolution of the other ones from Style Chosun, before posting them. PAT finally uploaded their Spring Summer 2015 Lookbook on their website, and finally we have all the styles from the collection Wookie is endorsing. There’s also a few behind the scenes pictures from the shooting they had in London last January, and our namja looks really happy to be there. They have released a BTS video not long ago from the photoshoot, I wonder if they will share more or that’s it. Enjoy ^^

Source: PAT Official Website

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Lee Dong Wook BTS for DAT tv + Airport pics (Feb 27th)

A while ago Wookie took pictures for DAT tv Japan for his upcoming visit to Osaka on Februrary 28th (tomorrow). Not only he will go there for a fanmeeting, but also to promote his latest drama “Blade Man” that is going to air there in March. These pictures posted above are behind the scenes, and I am sure we will see the mags’ images in the near future and an interview he did with Shin Se Kyung in Seoul as well.

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First Lee Dong Wook bts pic for “PAT”


Early this morning it was released the first behind the scenes picture of Wookie for the clothing brand PAT, for whom he is going to be the endorser for 2015. I wonder if they are going to release more pictures, because the SS (Spring/Summer) season has already started and they are kinda late with the presentation. A coreographer has been hired for the shoot, but I am not certain why andย  to do what. From the looks of it, Wookie and Arizona Muse are the models, but who knows if they are also gonna shoot a CF where they have to move in a certain way? Come on, palli palli publishย  more pics! ๐Ÿ˜€