June 2015 Donghae Calendar

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Finally here it is! I had completely forgotten about the calendar until today. Hope the wait was worth, kekeke. This time I decided to use Hotel King’s wedding images because on June there is my birthday, and I wanted to put pictures I really liked. ❤



May 2015 Donghae Calendar

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It’s that time of the month already! ^^ A new calendar with Donghae pictures for you, this time the images I have used are taken from the bloopers of Hotel King’s DVD. This is one of my favorite scenes, after Jae Wan and Mo Ne get soaked in the fountain and enjoy a cup of milk on the swing. This scene was mostly ad-libbed (it wasn’t on the actual script), and this makes it more special because we can see how comfortable these two are with each other. ❤ If they are not a couple in real life, this footage shows how they are super good at pretending to be one… right? eheheh. 😉

Hotel King DVD behind the scenes

Hello!!! Good news today. We got a few seconds worth of videos from the Hotel King DVD. As you may know, it came out twenty days ago in Japan, and so far nobody had said anything about its contents yet. Our Chinese chingus posted some moments captured from the episodes that I like the most, like the 26th and the 28th when Jae Wan and Mo Ne are on the swing. This footage shows greatly how much chemistry has our couple, and how much comfortable with each other they are! Whenever I look at them, I can only see a couple of lovebirds who will probably get married soon. Hope I’m not wrong! ❤

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Donghae April 2015 Calendar

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Hello 🙂 A few days since April started. I had totally forgot about the Calendar because I was busy, but here I am. The setting of this month is the scene from “Hotel King” Episode 30 when CJW waits for AMN in the garden but she only appears when he is leaving. This is one of my favorite scenes, because DongHae’s stares are really loving. You can tell from the way they look at each other, there is definitely something going on. I always love when he touches her face because he is able to caress her face gently… as if she is a precious person to him and he respects her. ❤ Awww. Enjoy this Wallpaper Calendar and come back next month for the May picture. ^^

“My Girl” MV by Erhu

Hi all, good Sunday! How are you going on this first day of Spring? ^^ Here it’s raining and it’s grey, it doesn’t look like we are moving towards Summer, blergh. I have a few things to share with you and I will start with this. This MV was made a friend of my chingu @muchcloudier, Erhu, and it is wonderful. It makes me revive “My Girl” and our Donghae couple when they were in their twenties. ❤ I am nostalgic! This reminds me that I also have to finish MG screencaptures. I only have the last three episodes to make, and then they will be complete. ^^ You can check on the blog’s Facebook page the albums with the episodes I have already capped.

Lee Dong Wook Osaka FanMeet Fan Report

Hello all! The other day I’ve posted some pictures from Wookie’s Osaka fan meeting and told you about what I’ve heard from a fan who went there. We have got new fan reports about what he said, and a clarification about the dating question that has been asked to him. Thanks to @bluewings666 on soompi that asked a Korean friend to summarize the juicy questions from the report that was posted on Wookie DC Gallery. Above, a picture posted by KingKongEnt official Instagram account fro the FM (he changed two outfits for the Part 2 of the meeting). Follow them, they are his agency so they will likely post ore pictures of him in the future. ^^ Now on to the report, which is under the cut.

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March 2015 Calendar + DongHae FanFic


Good morning everyone! We meet on Sunday again for the new image of the monthly calendar with our OTP. This month I’ve chosen a picture that made me think of Spring even though we are still a little far from it. This is one of my favorite DongHae pictures during Hotel King, I hope you feel the same way. ❤ You will find the picture on the sidebar of the blog until the end of the month. Go under the cut for another thing. 😉

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“Roommate” Pictures Update – VOTE for Donghae

Wookie, Ryohei, Jong Ok and Youngji went escursing on the mountains on the last “Roommate” Episode to celebrate the Chinese Lunar Year. This place is Gangwon-do, the same location where “Hotel King” was filmed last year. According to some Instagram sightings and the tweets from RM PD on twitter, they went there on February 12-13th.

I want to remind you that this Saturday Wookie will hold a fanmeeting in Osaka, Japan. ^^ We’re surely getting pictures and we will try to give him the famous Video Project we have been preparing since last month.

Last but not last, DongHae is partecipating in a contest. If you have a Soompi account, you just have to click “awesome”, “insightful” or “LOL” under the post with our OTP’s artworks over H E R E. 🙂

VOTE for our DongHae couple + a new MV by @muchcloudier ^^

Hello, everyone! The other day on soompi forums started a contest about the “best couple” from the drama, music, and reality work. I wanted to apply our DongHae Couple because they are one of the most famous kdrama couples and they deserve to be recognized. This is why I have entered this, you can see the original post here where I also wrote a short intro and posted quotes they have said about each other. Soompi finally opened the poll to see who is going to pass to Round 2. I hope you will all give your support over H E RE (the poll is at the end of the slideshow of pics of the couples). You can vote even if you are not a registered Soompi user, so don’t hesitate to help up win this poll to move onto the next level of the poll! You have until Februrary 17th at 11.59 KST to vote.

The video I posted above was made by @muchcloudier. She gave me the permission to upload it on the Youtube channel of this blog, so enjoy her work because it’s awesome! ❤

Return to the past: Hotel King wrap up party

@KongHyunJoo Instagram

Our dear Secretary Cha Soo Ahn on “Hotel King”, Kong Hyun Joo, posted this old picture of her and the cast at the times of the wrap up party. You can see our DongHae couple in the background, always sitting together. I think they were together for the whole night, even when the group went to the place of the picture, a pub where everyone drank and sung songs at karaoke. Our OTP could surely be comfortable with each other when around their friends and cast mates, because Hotel King crew and stars surely knew there was something between them. I’ve created this post to share some pictures of the event since this blog hadn’t been created yet when the party occurred on July 27th of last year.

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