Lee Dong Wook Osaka FanMeet Fan Report

Hello all! The other day I’ve posted some pictures from Wookie’s Osaka fan meeting and told you about what I’ve heard from a fan who went there. We have got new fan reports about what he said, and a clarification about the dating question that has been asked to him. Thanks to @bluewings666 on soompi that asked a Korean friend to summarize the juicy questions from the report that was posted on Wookie DC Gallery. Above, a picture posted by KingKongEnt official Instagram account fro the FM (he changed two outfits for the Part 2 of the meeting). Follow them, they are his agency so they will likely post ore pictures of him in the future. ^^ Now on to the report, which is under the cut.

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Return to the past: Hotel King wrap up party

@KongHyunJoo Instagram

Our dear Secretary Cha Soo Ahn on “Hotel King”, Kong Hyun Joo, posted this old picture of her and the cast at the times of the wrap up party. You can see our DongHae couple in the background, always sitting together. I think they were together for the whole night, even when the group went to the place of the picture, a pub where everyone drank and sung songs at karaoke. Our OTP could surely be comfortable with each other when around their friends and cast mates, because Hotel King crew and stars surely knew there was something between them. I’ve created this post to share some pictures of the event since this blog hadn’t been created yet when the party occurred on July 27th of last year.

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DongHae Speculation: Announcement or not announcement?

dh7Hello all! To lighten up my mood a bit, I will report here what I wrote today on soompi. We were talking about the Monday couple from Running Man (Gary and Song Ji Hyo) and the fact that a picture of them hugging in the middle of a crowd at a party appeared. Their companies denied any dating rumor, and didn’t comment further on the picture. This made me think about the case of our OTP and why in my opinion, their agencies didn’t say anything about all the skinship we’ve seen on bts videos and pics. But read more under the cut, if you don’t follow our DongHae thread.

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Lee Dong Wook 2013 TAXI Interview with subs

Hello, today is “Epiphany” day here or the day of the Magi Kings who went to Jesus the night he was born. We receive sweets and gifts, and we end our Christmas holidays on this occasion. I’m sad, though, because I have just known my friends’ mother passed away… and it brought up depressive memories of my own experience when the same thing happened to me a couple of years ago. Anyway, I better not digress on this argument much, and go straight to today’s post.

@uriuri from Soompi subbed Wookie’s 2013 TAXI Interview. You can watch it from the link above… it’s in 8 parts and you will find the other ones in the suggested videos on the sides. It is an interesting one because we got to hear him sing and tidbits about his life and what he likes and his thoughts on his career and things he did for one of his exes in the past. Wookie filmed this interview during MAMA Awards of two years ago, at the end of November. Since we are all on the lookout for DongHae hints, I think that watching this video would help us a little.

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DongHae Couple Speculation – Hints, hints, hints “RM” Edition

rm05Annyong! Since it’s a silent period for our couple, I have decided to write a post and speculate about something again. These are just my thoughts, and I have no idea if I am wrong or right about these things. Take everything as a grain of salt until there’s further confirmation sooner or later! ^^ Anyway, tonight’s speculation is about “Roommate”, the reality show where Wookie appears every week. As you may know, Da Hae appeared on the show twice. One time while they were filming “Hotel King”, and another time when they did the wrap up party of the drama. Her guest starring happened out of nowhere since she was just at the same place, same time… but also, nope. Rewatching Episode 5 (first time she appeared) and Episode 16 (last time she appeared), I’ve noticed parallels in Seho and Wookie’s behavior and a sort of hints that distinguish reality between scripted relationship.

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Chinese Movie for Wookie?

“Broken Hell” (tentative title) is a police/gang crime suspense action movie. The film’s main theme is to explore the two main leads’ experience, from having to come back to life after the brink of death, to experience life and the meaning of existence, hoping to use the main leads’ experience to reveal the dark side of humanity. Expected investment (production) cost is $70 million yuan. Shooting locations will be in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Thailand, Taipei and Seoul. Expected filming is from February to May 2015, to be released at the end of 2015. Nicholas Tse (Chinese), Ethan Ruan (Chinese), Song Hye Kyo (Korean) and Lee Dong Wook (Korean).

Mmmh, I have no idea what to say because this news is unconfirmed. If it will be announced as official in the next few weeks, then it’s a happy thing for Wookie. He is already known in China, but not like for example, Da Hae. A movie like this with famous chinese actors like Tse and Ruan (that I watched in the Taiwanese version of “Fated to Love You”) and such an A-list actress like Song Hye Kyo, could only help his status of an actor to improve overseas. Yeah, he would be busy again, but it says this movie will be filmed in 2015 for three-four months, so it will be like a short drama shooting. Maybe Wookie will be paired with SHK since they are the two Korean actors so far, I don’t know. But this looks promising. During her stay in China, Da Hae also expressed that she would like to do another drama there. Well, who knows if something is coming soon and the two lovebirds may film their projects (once we’ll know which project will DH take) in the same country? Could this be the reason why lately they are online on Weibo till late night? 😉 After all he doesn’t know how to speak Mandarin, while she does. We’ll see. I’ll wait for the confirmation of these news.

Discussion Post: An analysis of Da Hae’s career so far

Good evening! These last few weeks of October have brought us very little news like the Kenzo sweaters that may be couple items, or the possibility that our lovebirds have dined together over the last weekend. I have already posted this on soompi, but I will post it here again because this way more people can read it. Of course it’s my pure speculation and analysis, so you are free to agree or disagree. I have tried to see it with an objective eye based on what I read and realized through these months of shipping.

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Lee Da Hae Weibo Update + Speculation

好久没有给大家公开我的手艺了!现在公开一下我做的 “california seaweed roll”加利福尼亚馅卷!这款馅卷里面有多种蔬菜,是一道健康食品!大家也做做看吧
Translation: I haven’t showed you my work for a while! Here’s the “California seaweed roll”! It’s made with vegetables, it’s very healthy! We’ll try it and see.

Seems like my wish has been satisfied. Finally Da Hae updated her weibo this morning (afternoon in Korea time). She wrote that she made a healthy dinner with vegetables, she called it California seaweed roll. You know, in Korea there’s a lot of foods “rolled” into that black thing you see on the place in both pics, like kimbap. I wonder who are the three guests who dined with her… it looks as if two of them like still water and two sparkling water. Why am I saying this? Read more to find out…

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DongHae Speculation: The Body Language

dwdh2Who follows soompi knows that many times we have talked about DongHae’s body language. They make the similar moves, say similar things, and make it impossible for us attentive fans not to notice these details. They say when you are in love with someone, you and your partner end up making the same movements without noticing. Perhaps that is the case, hehe. ^^ Naturally, this post is just a product of my analysis. You have to remember everything personal I write on this blog, is just pure speculation. Someday, we may be proved right, I’m sure of it. 🙂

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DongHae Speculation: Couple Item?

wdh14Always investigate when you are undecided, always. This is what I repeated myself today as I saw the nice investigation done by Chinese fans on Wookie and Da Hae’s outfits from October 10th. Don’t know what I’m referring to? Don’t worry. About LDW, I’m talking about the yellow sweater he was wearing during the press event for Roommate early in the morning. For DH, I’m talking about the jumper she was wearing at Guangzhou airport when she was departing from China.

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