June 2015 Donghae Calendar

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Finally here it is! I had completely forgotten about the calendar until today. Hope the wait was worth, kekeke. This time I decided to use Hotel King’s wedding images because on June there is my birthday, and I wanted to put pictures I really liked. ❤



May 2015 Donghae Calendar

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It’s that time of the month already! ^^ A new calendar with Donghae pictures for you, this time the images I have used are taken from the bloopers of Hotel King’s DVD. This is one of my favorite scenes, after Jae Wan and Mo Ne get soaked in the fountain and enjoy a cup of milk on the swing. This scene was mostly ad-libbed (it wasn’t on the actual script), and this makes it more special because we can see how comfortable these two are with each other. ❤ If they are not a couple in real life, this footage shows how they are super good at pretending to be one… right? eheheh. 😉

Donghae April 2015 Calendar

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Hello 🙂 A few days since April started. I had totally forgot about the Calendar because I was busy, but here I am. The setting of this month is the scene from “Hotel King” Episode 30 when CJW waits for AMN in the garden but she only appears when he is leaving. This is one of my favorite scenes, because DongHae’s stares are really loving. You can tell from the way they look at each other, there is definitely something going on. I always love when he touches her face because he is able to caress her face gently… as if she is a precious person to him and he respects her. ❤ Awww. Enjoy this Wallpaper Calendar and come back next month for the May picture. ^^

January 2015 Calendar + “My Girl” Episode 1 Caps

calendar2015-janHello ^^ these days have lacked news so I’ve decided to make the famous DongHae calendar I promised somewhere (on soompi perhaps?). This is a monthly calendar, which means every month I’ll be posting a page with the current month. It is not great of a calendar because lately I feel everything I make with Photoshop sucks big time, but it’s something I felt to make for you.

In addition to that, I have also started capping “My Girl” in 720p. I am currently rewatching this drama and I am saving screencaps as I watch, but only of DongHae scenes, not the whole drama. I have also started capping “Hotel King” in 1080i, but only our OTP’s scenes only too. Under the banner you can find the other screencaps from the drama I’ve made while it was airing. I am preparing a lot of things to collect for this blog, let’s hope I can make something like a directory for DongHae fans. Wish me luck! ❤

Go under the cut to find the link to “My Girl” Episode 1 screencaptures.

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DongHae Couple HD Wallpapers Collection

manip5Since I have made some DongHae walls, I’ve decided to gather them here for you to download. They are1280x720, they can fit on a smaller screen too. I can also make walls by request on DongHae theme, or LDH or LDW. You just need to write a comment here or @ me on twitter at @tweety_bass or @WookieAndCherry. Click on the pictures for the bigger version!

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