March 2015 Calendar + DongHae FanFic


Good morning everyone! We meet on Sunday again for the new image of the monthly calendar with our OTP. This month I’ve chosen a picture that made me think of Spring even though we are still a little far from it. This is one of my favorite DongHae pictures during Hotel King, I hope you feel the same way. ❤ You will find the picture on the sidebar of the blog until the end of the month. Go under the cut for another thing. 😉

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FanFic Corner: A Series of DongHae Drabbles + Happy New Year!

10848215_668655016576158_1227260034_nHello everybody, happy 2015! I am pretty sure it’s already (or almost) January 2nd where you live, but here it’s still 7pm of the 1st. I wasn’t in the mood to write this post because last night I spent the night in the streets to celebrate and I just got back at 8am this morning, haha! I hope we can still be together during this new year, and that this year will bring us DongHae goodies such as a formal announcement from our OTP that they are together or better, that they will get married! That would be the best gift ever!!! Speaking of gifts, the followers of my IG account may have seen this already but I also wanted to post it here because dang, IG put a caption limitation since a few days ago and I can’t write loooong drabbles under my pics anymore. I plan to create a drabbles (500 words stories) collection over to my Wattpad account, in fact I will post the link in this post so you can read them. I also plan on continuing the writing of my Jae Wan x Mi Ri fan fiction crossover, Hotel King/Miss Ripley. H E R E’S the link to these drabbles collection. Have a nice day, updates coming soon! ^^ And Happy 2015 ❤



DongHae Halloween Treat

10735577_714354338657092_734225211_nMaybe Halloween day is already over in some of your countries, but since where I live it’s still the 31st, I will treat you to a one shot about DongHae that I wrote today. No idea how much it’s good or bad, anyway, it’s still something to read if you like DongHae. I had the inspiration thanks to Da Hae’s wigs pics from her drama “Miss Ripley” and of course I was inspired by Wookie’s costume on “Blade Man”. Da Hae goes on the set of the drama to surprise her man by wearing a wig. What it will happen?


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