Vote for Wookie at KBS Awards

kbs2 kbsawGood evening! Wookie has been nominated in the popular men category and best couple category (with SSK) at KBS Awards. Like for MBC Awards, you need to register on their site to vote. I don’t know how much of people’s votes will be counted in the final results, since there are speculations that part of the final victory is declared by the network and the ratings as well. There are some pretty strong actors and couples on KBS as well, and the competition is wider since they nominated all the actors (even the second leads on some dramas) of the projects they have aired during this 2014. KBS Awards will air on December 31st and the voting is until December 30th. I am not sure but I believe Wookie could attend these awards since they are a day after MBC Awards. To know how to vote, check this tutorial made by @Princi_86 at soompi. Click on each picture to go through the link to vote. ❤


A Bunch of “Blade Man” BTS Pics

Good evening 🙂 Tonight I will be posting several behind the scenes pictures from “Blade Man” that were released a couple of days ago. I wonder if there’s more, we will have to check LDW Official Facebook in the future. Enjoy Wookie from the last two episodes of the drama and some older episodes pics. ^^

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“Blade Man” Wrap Up Party (Nov 13th)

Everything comes to an end, and this drama also did last Thursday. I wasn’t sure about this, but then thanks to these pictures, I can have the confirmation that “Blade Man” cast and crew had a wrap up party on the night of the last episode. It looks like Wookie’s DC Gall prepared a cake and other gifts for them. I wonder if this party was taped on “Roommate” as well, but maybe not since although it’s reality, they did it on the show already and it would be redundant to do the same thing again. Anyway, who knows.

VIDEO – Last day of filming from LDW Facebook Page

Hello! ^^ Today is Sunday and I’m a little happy that I have some free time for myself. I am posting this video that was originally put online by LDW’s Official Facebook Page. Like the video from the other day, it shows the last moments of “Blade Man” filming. I still have to watch the last episode, though… haha. Wait for my last recaps very soon. I hope there will also be other news before the ending of the year despite it looks like our couple will be very M.I.A. for a while.

VIDEO – “Blade Man” final shooting

This video shows the last scenes filmed for “Blade Man” yesterday morning, most likely. I won’t talk about how distant and formal Wookie and SSK were when they were done and I won’t compare them with DongHae (haha, there’s no comparison, really). I will just say it looked like this project was just another acting project for Wookie and maybe he developed friendships with people he hadn’t worked before, but nothing like the feeling during “Hotel King” filming. Anyway, this chapter is over. We will see which project he will take on in the future. Hopefully, he will have a female co-star who has more chemistry with him.

“Blade Man” last day of filming – Nov 13th

Annyong! “Blade Man” came to an end yesterday. You will soon have the last two recaps of the drama, but first let me post some selcas that Wookie took with his co-stars. He said goodbye to his on screen partner, son, father and secretary. It looks like the pictures were taken in the morning after they likely shoot the last scenes from the drama, although I am not sure since I still have to watch the ending. Anyway, are you glad the drama is over? In the video I posted yesterday, he said that he will rest for November and December at least, so this is a good thing for his health. He said “Don’t look for me”… haha! Hopefully you won’t disappear like your girlfriend, lol. Anyway, enjoy these pics of smiling Wookie. ^^

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VIDEO – Lee Dong Wook thanks fans

Hey all ^^ It looks like instead of a written message, Wookie decided to make a video to thank fans for having watched “Blade Man”. I don’t know exactly what he says, but I guess that’s the most important thing, lol.

Thanks for watching and supporting Blade Man. Through your support I was able to finish strong. 2014 was a very very busy year for me so until the end of this year, I’m taking a long deserved break. In other words, don’t try to find me. Hope that you have a great end to this year and stay healthy!! Thank you!!

[#VIDEO #이동욱 #LeeDongWook #아이언맨 #종영소감]
배우 이동욱씨의
<아이언맨> 종영소감 영상이 도착하였습니다~<아이언맨>은 막을 내렸지만,
아직 ‘주홍빈’을 보내기 너무 아쉬운 페북지기는
오늘도 하루 종일 ‘홍빈앓이’를 할 예정이라는…
동참하실 페친분들~ 어디 안 계시나요?☞☜ *오글오글*
[#VIDEO # dongwook Lee #LeeDongWook # iron man # final comment] dding v. ♪ impression <아이언맨>of Mr. Jong young actor Lee Dong-wook arrived ~ ♥ video <아이언맨>has ended, but still I am getting the north face so you send the empty ‘ Downer today all day ‘ will be ‘ Hong-bin aches …
Acquainted with the guys face to be welcomed where? ¢ ñ writing *</아이언맨> or * oh oh ☜</아이언맨> (Translated by Bing)

Wookie Facebook Update

Good morning! Let’s start this day before the week-end with some Wookie pictures. His Facebook shared some images from the sets of “Blade Man”, and in the caption LDW said goodbye to the locations. I believe he may like the house where they filmed, and the office as well. Duh, I like it too since it was very minimalist. I wonder if the action figures on the shelves of both rooms belong to him or not. Anyway, on a side I think he might be glad it’s over. I don’t think he will rest properly yet since there’s that 70 actors movie still on, but maybe he will sleep for a day or two. One can only hope! Let’s wish him the best. ^^

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Lee Dong Wook FB Update + BTS + Stills

Annyong! Lots of pictures today. Wookie’s Facebook posted various behind the scenes pictures of him in between takes of “Blade Man”. Now that the drama is ending, we may get less updates but I shouldn’t think about this, I should be hopeful he will still update his SNS with random stuff when he will not have to work. The other pictures are bts pictures of him with SSK, Lee Mi Sook (who plays Lady Yoon). On one picture, from yesterday, SSK gave pepero to Wookie and the crew… if you don’t know what that is, check this post on soompi. The last two pictures are stills from Episode 16.

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