Wookie and his roommates out together

Hello!!! It seems like even though “Roommate” has ended last week, our roommates cannot bear to be separated. On what it looks like yesterday, most of the cast ate and drank together along with some of the crew members. Joon Park took a lot of pictures of them, you can check them out on his Instagram account @godjp. Naturally Wookie was there, and his hair were mostly blonde… he looked like a Korean version of Justin Bieber. O.O I don’t think these hair suits him well, but who knows, they could be for a project or to pass less unobseved – even though this last idea doesn’t seem right since he DOES NOT pass unobserved with that hair color, haha. I wonder if this dinner they had was their goodbye for each other since the show is off air and it didn’t have a party episode when it finished. I am sure they will keep seeing each other in a way, after all they are all famous and paths may be crossed easily. But I also think Wookie and everyone will miss each other because they had such a great fun filming together.


Wookie says goodbye to “Roommate”


Translation by @wishbone26 on soompi: I want to thank my fellow ‘roommate family’ who have been through thick and thin with me for the past year and wish them all the best. I don’t know when we’ll able to meet together with this combination again. Know that I will always be rooting for you.

I would also like to thank the viewership of RM for their support as well as their criticism.

I am now going to back to my role as an actor. I look forward to meeting you through a good project.

I ask for your continued love and support of the entire Roommate family.

Hope that everyone is happy and healthy!

Hello, last Tuesday was “Roommate” last episode. I haven’t watched it, I just know they showed Wookie, Seho and Ryohei having exams done at the hospital and they tried to put everyone’s footage to say a decent goodbye to the show. The sad part is that they couldn’t film a proper farewell episode, but they took pics to remember this experience. Everyone left goodbye notes and naturally Wookie did as well. For him this experience was even more meaningful than the others because he had been in the show since last year when the first episode aired. RM helped us know him more and like him more. I have no idea if this oportunity will happen again, so at least I am grateful for this. I’ll be waiting for his next project!

“Roommate” To Be Cancelled


Hello chingus, today I’m going to tell you something that you may or may not like. According to various sources, reality show “Roommate” is coming to an end this month. Many were worried or hoped Wookie would leave the show since he has been there from day 1, now we can say it with certainty that the show is not coming back. The show tried to portray several celebrities living together in a house. The idea could have looked smart, but it seems like locals didn’t appeal to it much. The program has always had low ratings sadly, and I couldn’t bring myself to watch it besides from the parts where Wookie appeared. In a way it’s good that it comes to an end. Sure, this means that we will see LDW less from May onwards, but it could be possible he gets a new project so we won’t lose sight of him. We would think this as one of the various experiences in his life, and be grateful that with this show we could get a glimpse on how he behaves during his real life moments. So fighting! Hopefully his next project would turn to be his best yet! ❤

Lee Dong Wook signs autographs + RM selcas

Hello ^^ yesterday LDW Facebook Page updated by posting these two pictures of him signing autographs, most likely for who won the White Day contest that his agency has organized. Besides these pics, we have got some images from “Roommate” of Wookie taking another selca with the donkey they bought, and a selca with Jackson and an asleep JP. I have read that RM is probably ending soon with Season 2, but I am not sure. Maybe it will only end S2 and they will start S3 with some members leaving. I will update you once I know how the situation is. ^^

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“Roommate” New Pics + PAT New Pic

credit: dongwookholic

Hi ^^ how are you? I am a bit angry but happy that there are new pics. I would feel more glad if we also got new Da Hae pictures, but I can’t always get what I want. There’s a new PAT photo of Wookie, this time he’s alone. I like when he smiles! On this video you can see more pictures of Wookie and Arizona that will probably come out in 20 days or so (they are renewing the official website right now).

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“Roommate” Pics Update

30000465454_700Hi all ^^ new day, another update. Sorry for another delay, but sometimes I forget to post pics from “Roommate” since I follow the show randomly. These are the pictures from last week’s and today’s episode. Our Wookie went with Ryohei and JP to Korean class, he helped the Korean teacher to teach his roommates. This week he took care of the maknaes, Jackson and Youngji. They went to see the donkeys, but I have no idea what else, haha. I wish we could see the selca Wookie took on SNS. Go under the cut for more pics. ^^

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“Roommate” Pictures Update – VOTE for Donghae

Wookie, Ryohei, Jong Ok and Youngji went escursing on the mountains on the last “Roommate” Episode to celebrate the Chinese Lunar Year. This place is Gangwon-do, the same location where “Hotel King” was filmed last year. According to some Instagram sightings and the tweets from RM PD on twitter, they went there on February 12-13th.

I want to remind you that this Saturday Wookie will hold a fanmeeting in Osaka, Japan. ^^ We’re surely getting pictures and we will try to give him the famous Video Project we have been preparing since last month.

Last but not last, DongHae is partecipating in a contest. If you have a Soompi account, you just have to click “awesome”, “insightful” or “LOL” under the post with our OTP’s artworks over H E R E. 🙂

“Roommate” Update

Annyeong ^^ it’s been a while since I wrote about “Roommate”, but in the latest episodes Wookie hasn’t appeared much and I haven’t had the time to watch them. The other day the PD posted some pictures of him hanging out with some of his roommates. They were enjoying a meal outside with a guest, and it looked as if they were having a good time. I don’t think this part aired yet, I just saw screencaps of Wookie inside of the house… by the way, Joon Park updated his Instagram account today and gave us a picture of him with Wookie and Ryohei. He wrote that it was really cold where they were, but I am sure that shoot was taken last week and not today, because there is a picture of the trio filming together from January 30th. I wonder if this will air on the next episode or not.

“Roommate” Episode 14 Pictures Preview

Tonight at 11.15pm KST Episode 14 of “Roommate” will air. From the preview it looks like they will show us the charity work they did at the end of November 2014. I don’t know if it’s after or before that, but Wookie, Seho, Jackson and Kang Joon will go to the hot springs… ihih. Wookie will also do another ice challenge but with snow, and he, Joon Park and Otani will tell stories around the fire. I will update you with recaps if I have time. The other day I was able to watch Episode 12 (Christmas ep), so no idea. Hehe. Enjoy some pictures from the episode under the cut.

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“Roommate” Pictures Preview

Hi all ^^ last week and this week SBSRoommate Official account posted some new pictures from the Christmas episode. It was divided in two parts, last week the first one aired and if I have time I may post of recap of it soon. Tomorrow part II will air at 11.15pm and we will see members of the families of our roommates. I don’t know if I saw wrong, but I think Wookie invited his sister and husband over again. We’ll see what they’ll do, they were all crying in the preview! I wonder until when this show will air. If they will stop for the holidays, or continue their brodcasting. Above all, considering the ratings are not so good I wonder if they will not air it at some point, or they will continue until the end, that should be 50 episodes. They are now at episode 32, which means they should finish in 2015 around Spring.