The Sisterhood of The World Blogger Awards

Hi all, and good morning or evening according to your timezone! I have been nominated by apqaria for this “Sisterhood of the world” Award. I’ve seen something like this only on tumblr before, I didn’t know there was one for blogs as well.

Here’s the rules:

  • Link the blogger who nominated you on your post.
  • Put the award logo on your blog.
  • Answer the ten questions that were given to you.
  • Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Nominate five blogs and make sure they are aware they are nominated.
  • When you have responded, leave a link in the comment of the person who nominated you.

I can’t nominate 5 people, because I rarely use WordPress if not to update this blog, and I lack of friends over here. T___T So I’ll just reply to the questions I have been asked. If you want to be nominated, comment under this post and I’ll do it! lol [under the cut]

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February 2015 Calendar

Click on the picture for the bigger version!

Wow! It seemed like 2015 had just started but we are already in February. I can’t wait until Spring arrives again, I am so sick of this Winter. PHEW. During these weeks where we got very few updates from our OTP I have started doing things for myself and I feel happier, but I would be even more content if we get an announcement soon. Haha, yeah, I am anxious but I don’t want to rush things. So, if DongHae are reading my post, take all the time you need… it’s ok. 😛 When I posted the January calendar I also wrote that I had started making “My Girl” caps. Well, if you follow this blog on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you know that I have already posted the pictures until Episode 06. I have screencapped until Episode 12 on my laptop, I just need to cap the last four episodes to be done, and “Good Morning, My Girl“, the special. Once I make all the screencaps, I will surely post a link here that has all the galleries. You may have already seen I created a page on the blog with the caps already, go check if you want to save the pics before I officially post them. 😛

International Video Project for Wookie

10899158_773528829394095_797665361_nAnnyong, tonight before I go to sleep I want to inform you about a project created by some of my chingus from LDW soompi thread. This is a project meant to encourage Wookie about his work and to let him know that fans are supporting him anyway even though his 2014 projects didn’t have the results he probably wanted. The intent is to give what we will create to Wookie himself on the date of his Japan fan meeting, which is February 28th. To read how to participate, look under the cut and if you have any questions, you can comment or message me through twitter or anywhere else. ^^

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January 2015 Calendar + “My Girl” Episode 1 Caps

calendar2015-janHello ^^ these days have lacked news so I’ve decided to make the famous DongHae calendar I promised somewhere (on soompi perhaps?). This is a monthly calendar, which means every month I’ll be posting a page with the current month. It is not great of a calendar because lately I feel everything I make with Photoshop sucks big time, but it’s something I felt to make for you.

In addition to that, I have also started capping “My Girl” in 720p. I am currently rewatching this drama and I am saving screencaps as I watch, but only of DongHae scenes, not the whole drama. I have also started capping “Hotel King” in 1080i, but only our OTP’s scenes only too. Under the banner you can find the other screencaps from the drama I’ve made while it was airing. I am preparing a lot of things to collect for this blog, let’s hope I can make something like a directory for DongHae fans. Wish me luck! ❤

Go under the cut to find the link to “My Girl” Episode 1 screencaptures.

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FanFic Corner: A Series of DongHae Drabbles + Happy New Year!

10848215_668655016576158_1227260034_nHello everybody, happy 2015! I am pretty sure it’s already (or almost) January 2nd where you live, but here it’s still 7pm of the 1st. I wasn’t in the mood to write this post because last night I spent the night in the streets to celebrate and I just got back at 8am this morning, haha! I hope we can still be together during this new year, and that this year will bring us DongHae goodies such as a formal announcement from our OTP that they are together or better, that they will get married! That would be the best gift ever!!! Speaking of gifts, the followers of my IG account may have seen this already but I also wanted to post it here because dang, IG put a caption limitation since a few days ago and I can’t write loooong drabbles under my pics anymore. I plan to create a drabbles (500 words stories) collection over to my Wattpad account, in fact I will post the link in this post so you can read them. I also plan on continuing the writing of my Jae Wan x Mi Ri fan fiction crossover, Hotel King/Miss Ripley. H E R E’S the link to these drabbles collection. Have a nice day, updates coming soon! ^^ And Happy 2015 ❤



Happy 50,000 visits!

50000ANNYEONGGG! It’s with great pleasure that I announce that… haha, let’s skip the formalities, the blog has reached 50,000 visits already. I’m really happy about this. When I created this blog around the end of August, I didn’t think it would turn out to be visited and known by people. Now after almost three months, I am excited of this result because my main aim besides having fun, is to bring you the recent news about our DongHae couple and what they do or what they could be possibly doing. I guess I have reached my goal and I hope that together with your support, I can continue my blogging activity and always keep your DongHae love and interest alive. With patience and care, this little blog and its related SNS accounts can grow and flourish and become a point of reference for all the fans who love this couple. I have to say just one word to you… THANK YOU! ^^ ❤

VOTE for “Hotel King” as the best drama of 2014


The Kdrama site has opened a poll to decide which one is the best drama of 2014 according to the readers. Hotel King is in the TOP 10 right now, but we can vote to make it rise it the top, if not to the first spot. To vote, you have to go here:

Tick the box next to “Hotel King” and then click VOTE a little below the list and insert the CAPTCHA in the box, then confirm and wait until the list with the numbers of the votes with the momentary list of dramas from the most voted to the least voted, will show up. You have 12 days left to vote! Let’s do this. ^^

DongHae FanPage Around the Internet

Hey all! Tonight it will be about ” self promotion” or sort of. I wanted to let you know that this blog is on various SNS sites… if you use twitter, you can either follow me @tweety_bass or @WookieAndCherry. If you have Instagram, today I have created an account where I will post all the pics about Wookie and Da Hae and of them together. This is the link. Last but not last, this page is also on Facebook. If you don’t want to create a WordPress account to follow this blog, you can follow the fanpage over there at this link. Well, I’ve done my self promotion for the moment, I will let you know if I create more accounts dedicated to DongHae! 😉

♥ First Post Intro ♥

Good morning everyone, this is purplebass. You may know me from sites like tumblr or soompi, or maybe you don’t know me at all, it doesn’t matter. After a long thinking I decided to open this blog to gather my thoughts and stuff about Donghae couple. Thanks to Hotel King and my casual “meeting” with this drama happened by accident, I could become fan of these two amazing actors whom I didn’t know before. Leaving my personal history apart, after watching the drama I concluded that there was and there is something going on between them. They have a  nice chemistry and care for each other in a way that people who are not intimate with each other don’t. I support this relationship and this is why I felt like creating a place where I could talk about it freely and with no censorship. I still have no idea what I will exactly post over here, but expect icons, analysis, pics and updates about this couple. Thank you for reading, have a good day! xo