Da Hae for Star1 Magazine


So long since Da Hae’s last pictorial, and finally it arrived a new one! She is posing for the popular mag “Star1”, and looks like besides for her porcelain appearance, the attraction is the lipstick gloss by HERA, which is one of the top Korean cosmetic brands. Star1 also did an interview with her, but sadly it is translated from Google so it may not be 100% accurate. Too bad I don’t know anybody who is able to translate Korean… T__T
It is a pleasure to see her doing pictorials again. I wonder if she is going to be a sponsor for this brand, or it’s just for the photoshoot. She also endorses “Passional Lover” in China, and perhaps the two things may be too controversial if she endorsed them together… I don’t know.  Her new drama, “Best Lovers”, is set to air soon. Can’t wait! ❤ Enjoy more pictures and an interview under the cut.

Source: star1 official website

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Wookie posing for “Men’s Uno”


Hello everybody!! Hope you had a pleasant Christmas and you will spend New Year’s Eve good as well. I didn’t disappear, I just had stuff to do and couldn’t concentrate on the blog, that is all. I haven’t forgotten any of you and nor did I forgot Wookie and Da Hae. Last week I finished “Bubblegum” and I think I should post my review here as well, besides than on my personal blog. Today Wookie’s official Facebook posted a new photoshoot that a Chinese magazine published mostly in Hong Hong, Taiwan, Malesya, that is Men’s Uno, did with him for the January 2016 issue. It is titled Dark Fairytale, and Wookie looks like a guy with a bad past on the pics, eheh. A bad guy but also good with “provocative” and “arousing” eyes. Dark blue is the color that suits him the most when he wears a suit. Check under the cut for more pictures and a behind the scenes video. 🙂

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PAT bts of the new F/W collection 2015/16

A new video and new pictures featuring our Wookie ❤

PAT posted footage of him and actress Yoo In Yeong for their Fall/Winter 2015 Campaign. The theme is “Roman Holiday”, and protagonists of the shoot are also Vespas, gelatos, fountains and anything which reminds of Italy. Wookie looks comfortable and it is cool that he is still the face of this brand, it is always important to endorse something in your career. 🙂 Go behind the cut for the behind the scenes pictures!

source: PAT Official Facebook, KingKongENT Naver Blog

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Wookie and Seho for Cosmopolitan


A few days ago, some pictures of the latest Cosmopolitan spread featuring Wookie and Seho were released. They portray a couple of friends, on screen and in real life of course, pictured in various moments. They are stylish, they are chic, they eat together. You can tell they really have chemistry with each other from the pics. ❤ I haven’t seen scans of this magazine yet online, but I will post them once and if they will be available. For now enjoy these. 🙂

credit: Lee Dong Wook Official FB Page

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Wookie for PAT F/W 2015 Campaign


Wookie’s endorsement with PAT continue as he stars in their Fall/Winter 2015 Campaign with actress Yoo In Yung, who we saw on the recent kdrama “Mask” (that I enjoyed a lot). Compared to the first batch of pictures from the SS Campaign that were done in front of a simple neutral backdrop, these ones are set in an old villa that recalls the ones in Italy. The theme is in fact “Roman Holiday”, like the movie with Audrey Hepburn who goes on a Vespa in Rome with Gregory Peck. The scenario is very Italian, and I say it as an Italian person. XD There’s also Wookie on a scooter, but it doesn’t look like a Vespa… Whatever. The concept is there and the pictures are better than the past campaign. I wonder if Wookie’s contract is up in 2016 or that he will be their model next year too. In every case, we will find out only by living. I am sure more pictures will come soon once the official PAT website will update with the Autumn outfits.

Credits: PAT Official Facebook Page

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Da Hae is ready for the Fall in this Shunvfang shoot

201507010604523998Hello chingus! About a month ago, Da Hae went to China to take photos for Shunvfang‘s Fall 2015 collection. If you recall, she also posted some pictures of her at the airport and at the shoot, but the pictures came out the other day.

According to the news about new collection, the theme is catching dreams. We also see Da Hae with a dream catcher on one of the pictures. The main element are prints, especially geometrical forms who give a mystic touch of surreal, a dreamy touch. The inspiration is exotic countries such as India, with their magic cultures and particular patterns that make a woman trendy in a retro chic look.

I have always liked Shunvfang’s collections, and I also like what I have seen so far from this one. I am guessing we will get more pictures as Summer ends. ❤

Credits: Shunvfang Official Website, weibo

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Wookie’s variety of expressions for “Style Chosun”



Source: KingKongEnt Official Blog

Hello ^^ not only Da Hae pics today, also some from Wookie’s agency. Some images we have already seen from Style Chosun photoshoot, and some behind the scenes footage in addition to the ones we have got a few days ago. As usual, we can see how Wookie is able to portray a different variety of emotions while taking pictures for a pictorial. He can frown and smile in the span of a moment. I consider him a very good model, and this shoot is really cool! ❤

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Additional Wookie pics for Style Chosun

Hello 🙂 new pictures from Wookie’s photoshoot with Style Chosun were released. I think the ones above are behind the scenes images, while the ones under the cut are actual photoshoot images in addition to the ones I have posted two weeks ago. I really like this photoshoot. He looks so playful, and the clothes fit him, they are his style. I can’t wait to see the actual scans of this photoshoot, I wonder if there will be someone kind enough to post them somewhere sooner or later. For the moment, enjoy these. ❤ Continue reading “Additional Wookie pics for Style Chosun”

New Wookie pics from “PAT” + BTS


Hi ^^ new pictures today. Actually, these are not the only new images we have got this week but I am waiting for a better resolution of the other ones from Style Chosun, before posting them. PAT finally uploaded their Spring Summer 2015 Lookbook on their website, and finally we have all the styles from the collection Wookie is endorsing. There’s also a few behind the scenes pictures from the shooting they had in London last January, and our namja looks really happy to be there. They have released a BTS video not long ago from the photoshoot, I wonder if they will share more or that’s it. Enjoy ^^

Source: PAT Official Website

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Video – Lee Da Hae AB and Shunvfang 2015/SS BTS

Good morning everyone!!! First of all, Happy Easter to those who celebrate it. Today I received two chocolate eggs to celebrate this day of resurrection, and ate a loooot of food. I can’t even sit down properly, haha. By the way, the reason for this post are two, not even one, behind the scenes videos from Da Hae’s clothing endorsements with Arnaldo Bassini (above) and Shunvfang (under the cut). They both released footage of their shooting session with our girl. The videos prove how a versatile model Da Hae is, and I have ready some photographers she’s worked with praise her because of her natural poses and professionalism when it comes to modeling. It’s so easy for her to change face when modeling, and this makes the photos very creative. ❤ Enjoy! ^^

Credits: Arnaldo Bassini Official Site, weibo, Shunvfang Official Site

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