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Bubblegum Review for those who haven’t watched it yet ^^

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mug_obj_144463530954942611Good evening, everyone!
I hope that most of you are already on holiday so you can do what you enjoy the most. Before the new year ends, I need to finish a couple of dramas and write reviews. Today I will talk about “Bubblegum”, which aired on tVn until last week. This drama is sort of romantic comedy that sometimes reaches melodramatic tones, with Lee Dong Wook starring as an Eastern Medicine Doctor called Park Ri Hwan, and Jung Ryeo Won as his longtime friend and PD of a radio station Kim Haeng Ah. The two have known each other since forever, and they had many adventures together. They are at a point in their lives that is crucial: they are at an age where they should marry, and after some coincidences that make them think about whether or not they can be together as lovers, they try to test…

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Bubblegum Kdrama Episodes 1-4


Hello everyone!!!
It’s Friday so I assume many of you are happy because it’s the weekend… I also can dedicate time to my hobbies, and this is why I finally started Wookie’s on air drama “Bubblegum”, that you can find legally on dramafever.com.
It took me so long to finally watch it because I wanted a few episodes to air already. They are at episode 8, and next Monday and Tuesday new episodes are gonna be aired. When it started, a few weeks ago, I looked online for people’s comments about this and found that some thought it was similar to Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook’s drama “The time we weren’t in love”, which aired this summer on SBS. However, after I checked myself, I can say that is nothing like that despite the themes are really similar. It is hard to find original thematic nowadays, perhaps we should just select things to watch so that we won’t be annoyed when what they treat looks unoriginal.
In this post I won’t try to spoil too much but know that I will say things about the drama. If you want to watch it when it ends, you better avoid this. 😉

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“Blade Man” Episode 16 Recap&Review

아이언맨.E16.141106.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_000657228This is the third before the last recap I will do of this drama. Tomorrow Episode 17 will air at 10pm KST and we will see if we will find out more about some of the biggest question still hanging up in the air, like why Hong Bin has the blades coming out of his back? They haven’t appeared in the last two episodes, making me fear that we may not know the real reason why he has them… mmmh. Let’s hope for the best. For the moment, goodnight.

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“Blade Man” Episode 15 Recap&Review

아이언맨.E15.141030.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_003353673See? I was fast today too. Fact is, I want to recap Episode 16 before Episode 17-18 will air on Wednesday and Thursday. We are almost at the end, and I really want to see where all of this is going to go. Stay tuned for the last three recaps for this drama.

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“Blade Man” Episode 14 Recap&Review

아이언맨.E14.141029.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_002275630Hello! Yes, it’s still me! I was quicker than I expected, wasn’t I? I had a few hours free tonight, so I watched Episode 14 at least. I keep on liking this drama and I’m sad next week it will end. It is confirmed that I will have 18 episodes instead of the 20 announced before. The story is really unfolding now, I pray there is no loose ends. Now enjoy the recap, I will hopefully write the one for Episode 15 and 16 before Wednesday. Ah, and when this drama will end, I will post a compilation of Wookie’s screencaps as Hong Bin. He made quite interesting faces over there, hehe.

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“Blade Man” Episode 13 Recap&Review

Yes, it was a tiring week for me too, Tweety-shi. -BAWL-

Yeah, I know I have no excuses for posting this so late, but I wasn’t in the mood to write lately. I haven’t watched the last three episodes of the drama either, but tomorrow I will try to I will also try to post a new recap. Right, speaking of this drama, yesterday it was released news that stated it would have 18 episodes instead of the 20 planned. This was due to two times where they didn’t air the episodes because of sport programs. They don’t intend to put the episodes together with the other ones because they plan to air a new drama after next week, and because honestly with the rating it had, I bet they want to cut it short. I really hope two hours less of airing time won’t cause loose ends when this comes to a finale in a few days. I think that at this point there’s still some questions to be answered. Now let’s think about what was answered on this Episode 13. Have a good read!

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“Blade Man” Episode 12 Recap&Review

아이언맨.E12.141022.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_002639707Yo, everyone. I could finally have time to watch this episode. The parts with Hong Bin and Chang are very cute, because they are finally acting like father and son. But HB should still learn a lot of things about talking to a small child, haha. During this episode we find out the relation between Sedong and HB’s family. Like we also saw on Episode 11, Hong Bin and Sedong have indirectly already met before. Now we will see more flashbacks of that day and how the woman will react when she will realize the connection.

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“Blade Man” Episode 11 Recap&Review

아이언맨.E11.141016.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_001780100Hello! I know I said you would get this recap very soon and you didn’t, but I’ve been busy the whole week with work and I couldn’t focus on the recap too much. Episode 11 was a sort of turning point for the story, above all in regards of Hong Bin and Chang’s relationship. We got cute moments between father and son on this episode, but the mysteries sure aren’t finished either. There are rumors on the internet that this drama may have 19 episodes instead of 20 because of few weeks ago when they could just air one episode due to a match that aired on a Thursday while “Blade Man” had to be on. This means we will get the final two episodes around mid-November. I hope the writer won’t disappoint me with this because so far it wasn’t bad.

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