January 2015 Calendar + “My Girl” Episode 1 Caps

calendar2015-janHello ^^ these days have lacked news so I’ve decided to make the famous DongHae calendar I promised somewhere (on soompi perhaps?). This is a monthly calendar, which means every month I’ll be posting a page with the current month. It is not great of a calendar because lately I feel everything I make with Photoshop sucks big time, but it’s something I felt to make for you.

In addition to that, I have also started capping “My Girl” in 720p. I am currently rewatching this drama and I am saving screencaps as I watch, but only of DongHae scenes, not the whole drama. I have also started capping “Hotel King” in 1080i, but only our OTP’s scenes only too. Under the banner you can find the other screencaps from the drama I’ve made while it was airing. I am preparing a lot of things to collect for this blog, let’s hope I can make something like a directory for DongHae fans. Wish me luck! ❤

Go under the cut to find the link to “My Girl” Episode 1 screencaptures.

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