Da Hae on Running Man

Annyeong ^^
As I wrote you before, Da Hae appeared on Running Man with Jung Il Woo and the cast. They went to Dubai, and did some things together like skydiving. They also went in the desert and visited the city. The filming was very tight, but it seems Da hae really enjoyed herself, especially during the skydiving session! She smiled and high-fived the cameraman. XD I can’t wait to see the program with subtitles, for the moment enjoy a few videos and pictures from the set. ❀

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Wookie posing for “Men’s Uno”


Hello everybody!! Hope you had a pleasant Christmas and you will spend New Year’s Eve good as well. I didn’t disappear, I just had stuff to do and couldn’t concentrate on the blog, that is all. I haven’t forgotten any of you and nor did I forgot Wookie and Da Hae. Last week I finished “Bubblegum” and I think I should post my review here as well, besides than on my personal blog. Today Wookie’s official Facebook posted a new photoshoot that a Chinese magazine published mostly in Hong Hong, Taiwan, Malesya, that is Men’s Uno, did with him for the January 2016 issue. It is titled Dark Fairytale, and Wookie looks like a guy with a bad past on the pics, eheh. A bad guy but also good with “provocative” and “arousing” eyes. Dark blue is the color that suits him the most when he wears a suit. Check under the cut for more pictures and a behind the scenes video. πŸ™‚

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Wookie celebrating his birthday


As usual Wookie’s agency KingKongENT never fails to show us what our favorite actor is doing. πŸ™‚ They posted a video and some pictures of him with the gifts he has received from his fans all over the world. He is very loved, and I hope he knows . Each year all of his supporters send him a lot of various things, but they like to send him food the most, after he got thinnier during “Hotel King”. He has a big apetite, and I bet he enjoyed it all. ❀ I wonder if he also got home made cake from his loved ones, other than the cake the cast of “Bubblegum” gifted him. Last year he was also on set when his birthday occurred, hehe. I can only wish him happy birthday again, with the hope that this year is good for him. ❀ ❀ ❀

Source: LDW Official Facebook Page

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Wookie at “Bubblegum” Press Conference


Annyong ^^ Today in Korea, the cast of “Bubblegum” posed for pictures together at the Press Conference. Wookie was accompained by his drama partner Jung Ryeo Won, Lee Jong Hyuk, Park Hee Won and Bae Jong Ok. They posed for cute pictures and showed they are tight as a cast! Wookie was hugged by the three females and smiled all the way. ❀ I can’t wait to see how this drama will start off on October 26th, I cross my fingers it will be a success. πŸ™‚

Source: credit as tagged

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BTS of the first days of “Bubblegum” filming

tvN’s Official Youtube Channel has released some behind the scenes footage of Wookie and actress Jung Ryeo Won while they filmed the scenes for the teasers they released a couple of weeks ago. We see Wookie with various outfits that I like are mostly blue and light blue (best color on him!). He and his drama partner try the hilarious scenes of their characters who are trying to test if they can date as a couple after they have been friends for several years, but the results are not what they expect. This drama will premiere on October 26th, which is so close!!!

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New teasers for Wookie’s upcoming drama “Bubblegum”

Hi all ^^ tVN released three short trailers for “Bubblegum”, Wookie’s new drama. It will air on October 26th (Monday) and I saw they started filming a few days ago. They gave us this footage to show us the relationship between Park Ri Hwan (played by Wookie) and Kim Haeng Ah (Jung Ryeo Won). These two have been friends since childhood and according to soompi’s article, they question themselves if they should become lovers or not. They try to do things a couple would do naturally, like going to a motel or eat ice cream together, but things are awkward between them that it seems they won’t ever be able to take their friendship to the next level. We will see what happens! New trailers will air soon. ❀ ^^
The drama also has an official page, click H E R E to like it for more pictures and videos.

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PAT bts of the new F/W collection 2015/16

A new video and new pictures featuring our Wookie ❀

PAT posted footage of him and actress Yoo In Yeong for their Fall/Winter 2015 Campaign. The theme is “Roman Holiday”, and protagonists of the shoot are also Vespas, gelatos, fountains and anything which reminds of Italy. Wookie looks comfortable and it is cool that he is still the face of this brand, it is always important to endorse something in your career. πŸ™‚ Go behind the cut for the behind the scenes pictures!

source: PAT Official Facebook, KingKongENT Naver Blog

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“Running Man” Episode 263 featuring Lee Dong Wook

Finally it’s here! Here’s the subbed episode for “Running Man” Episode 263 where Wookie, Girl’s Day Yura and Park Seo Joon were the guests. I haven’t watched the video yet, but from what I read about this, Wookie doesn’t have a big part because they focused more on the idols. Anyway, it’s important that he guested again after a long, long, time! Enjoy. ❀

New Still and main trailer for “Beauty Inside” #λ·°ν‹°μΈμ‚¬μ΄λ“œ

They released a new trailer for “Beauty Inside”, the movie where Wookie and lots of Korean actors and actresses are starring. Due to MERS, they pushed the release date to August 20th. Wookie appears for a few seconds on this video, but he doesn’t have a big part since a lot of people are involed, but it’s still cool.

Check out a still from the movie under the cut.

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A lot of Wookie news!

Hi! Long time no see! We finally got some news. ^^ Wookie will have a new fan meeting in Japan. He will go to Nagoya on October 2nd, and he is greeting his fans on this short video. You can already order the tickets to the event but I can’t find the link right now.

But this is not the only news we have today!Β  Wookie has been offered a new drama role, which is even better. According to various sources, he has been offered the lead role for a drama by tvN set to air in December after “Cheese in the trap”. This project has the working title of “Bubblegum“, and if Wookie accepts, he will play an oriental doctor. The drama sounds a bit medical, and it will follow the lives of four different people. Actress Jung Ryeo Won has been offered the main female role, and if she accepts, she will reunite with Wookie after 13 years (they already did a drama together when they started their acting career). At the moment we don’t know for sure whether or not he will accept, but he is “positively considering” it. πŸ˜€

Last but not last, today OSEN reported that Wookie will also be the MC at “Seoul Drama Awards” with Kim Jong Un. The awards are set to air in September. ❀  Lots of things to look forward to!