DongHae Quotes


Q: If you were to use 5 words to represent the other person?
LDH: Just perfect Lee Dong Wook.
LDW: Woah… you’re too conscious of the camera!
LDH: How about me?
LDW: Using the mentality of the drama’s Gong Chan: Ju Yoo Rin, she’s mine 😉
LDH: You can’t escape!


Q: Does Lee Dong Wook often tease you?

LDH: Yes, Lee Dong Wook and I often joke with each other during filming.
: And he doesn’t really praise me.
: I did up a hairdo that looks like that of Shim Shun Mother.
: He would say things like “You did a Shim Shun Mother hairdo”
: I would then ask “Why are you doing this to me Oppa?”
: He would often answer “Just for fun”
: He often says that I’m very funny and fun to tease.

My Girl Interview (2006)

MC: Da Hae have u seen LDW’s msg on the MG mainpage?
DH: Yes.. i was hyped when i saw the sentence Da Hae ah..”….but the feeling went away when i saw him addressing LJK and PSY after me. (lol..laugh.gif LDH’s jealous!! tongue.gif)
DW: Other ppl will be unhappy.. so i have to put their names in. (aww.. LDW is so considerate rolleyes.gif )
MC: now.. DH say sumthing about LDW.
DH: im really touched… ( the chinese translations not so good here)

MC: U cried so naturally.. it comes naturally to you, doesn’t it?
DH: No.. because the atmosphere then was….( interrupted by DW)
DW: Ahh… she squeezed and cringed her eyes.. (DH laughed.).. oh, should i have said it? was it a secret? (both of them laughing together)
DH: hei there are cameras around us..( still laughing)

MC: wat’s ur deepest impression of the MG mainpage?
DW: the 2000 compilation pic of myself, OUR LOVE MV( GC and YR/LDH and LDW?), the song by MC Max.
DH: aww.. u really looked closely huh?

MC: Now both of u comment about each other.
DW:there’s nothing to comment about.. now that MG is over.. i have no particuler feeling for her.. ( jk around tone)
DH: same for me.. i also feel nothing when i don’t see Oppa..
( DW patted LDH’s shoulder and the laughed..)

DH: actually im starting to miss everything in MG
DH gave DW a YR stare n said: hei. u’re not GC today! ( his outfit)
DW: i feel more comfortable like this.. it’d be too boring to always wear the TIE.

MC gave a sign that the interview should stop then..
DW: Huh? why is it so short?
DH: It’s ok.. that’s enuff for now.
DW (in an unsatisfied tone): No No.. i still wana talk about the PD & ^%$%#^%$..
DW: guys be quiet.. i wana thnk of the script now.. (obviously he’s a bit drunk)

DW and DH started to play around again..

DW:Thank u all for supporting us until the end. we may not appear as GC /YR in future but we will work hard to produce better works in future.

DH: please remember MG!
DW: The End! Thank u.

My Girl Ending Party Interview (Beginning of 2006) credit: ripgal at soompi

Da Hae!! thank you ^^
I am extremely happy to run into a very talented actress.
Remember to stay healthy, I hope we can cooperate again in the future to produce an as good drama.

PS. Today’s My Girl end does not have that ‘end’ meaning ‘&’……..
For the life of Gong Chan, Yoo Rin …

Lee Dong Wook, Thank you note when My Girl ended (2006) credit: heartmonster at soompi

“He is not only good looking, but he has a lot of knowledge and a warm heart. But I hate when he rebukes me.” – Lee Da Hae, message for Wookie during Healing Camp (Fall 2011)

“Dong Wook-shi is closer to my ideal type.” – Lee Da Hae (Spring 2011)

“I and Lee Da-hae had many memories. Everytime when she is sad, I’m sad too. We like each other, because we always bring happiness to each other. It can’t be denied that, at many times I had thought what will happen if Da-hae is my girlfriend. One time I had told Da-hae: “I really miss you”. Then she replies: “My others partners in other dramas also talk to me like you but nobody sent me a message such as ‘Good Morning’ or present flowers to me… Lee Da Hae is lovely but to become her boyfriend, the guy ought to have a tough personality. Because, even she laugh a lot, but she’s sensitive and tend to make her boyfriend to drown in… her flood of tears.” – Lee Dong Wook (December 2013) credit: Bosco_96 @soompi

“When we filmed My Girl, we were busy with our own roles. It was my first mini series as the lead actor and Lee Da Hae was almost a new actress. Now, we can both be more considerate of each other. We’ve able to care for each other as well as for the staff members. She’s very good at acting and it’s been comfortable acting with her. In the beginning, there can be conflicts and disagreements. Sometimes it leads to the co-stars trying to stand out more, but there’s nothing like that with Da Hae. We’ve been going forward together by adjusting to each other.” – Lee Dong Wook, Hotel King Press Conference (March 27th, 2014) credit: mwave

“He has become really mature. Before, there were times when you could think of him as someone he is not. He would say things like ‘Why? What?’ and one could wonder why he’s like that, but he actually has a good heart. Now he is older and I′m seeing him again after a long time and I feel like he can deal well with others. He takes care of the junior actors and shows sides of him I haven’t seen before. I think he is cooler now.” – Lee Da Hae, Hotel King Press Conference (March 27th, 2014) credit: mwave

“Truthfully, when it comes to lovey-dovey scenes or harsh dialogue, we try to be careful about it but we’re filming things well by working things out together. During ‘My Girl,’ it was fresh but now there is a comfortable feeling as if we’ve been dating for a long time. We would argue from time to time and take care of each other when we can and it’s fun.” – Lee Da Hae, Hotel King PC before episode 26 (Beginning of July, 2014)

“I think there is a certain closeness and comfort. In regards to chemistry, it’s already been perfected.” – Lee Dong Wook, Hotel King PC before episode 26 (Beginning of July, 2014)

“Lastly, my Ah Mone, hehe DaHae yah, thank you. From the start when suggest you take up this role, you make a very difficult decision in agreeing to work with me. During the filming, always full of laughter. Ever time when I am tired, you always give me encouragement, bringing me good food to eat hehehe. To be able to work with you again after 8 years is my honour. U bring me more strength then SGC and JYR time. Thank you. If there is another opportunity again after some time, should be able to work together right? Be healthy, I will always give you my support.”- Lee Dong Wook‘s message for Da Hae when they finished filming Hotel King (July 24th, 2014) credit: mystery123

“For me, yesterday, I wrote on SNS: ‘Da Hae-ssi, My Ah Mo Ne…‘ what I wrote was really sincere. After eight years acting together again, it’s such a privilege. You’ve gotten more beautiful since then… more mature. Meeting you as Cha Jae Wan and Ah Mo Ne is more exciting than Seol Gong Chan and Joo Yoo Rin.” – Lee Dong Wook, Hotel King last day of filming (July 25th, 2014)

“The last selca of Chamo couple. We’re sad yet happy. I’m thankful for the love everyone has shown until now! Thank you so much to Dong Wook oppa. You were the greatest actor and I was happy to be able to act with you. Let’s meet again in another 10 years and let’s love again!” – Lee Da Hae, tweet with Chamo wedding selfies (July 27th, 2014)



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      I think it’s both ways 😉 after all, we can’t know their private life so it is possible they are loving each other as a couple right now.


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